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Target Practice, War of 1812 Style

Quebec Mercury, 17 November 1812

On Thursday last a competition took place between 55 of Capt. Mure's[1] company of Grenadiers of the 3rd Battalion of Quebec Militia, and an equal number of His Majesty's 103d Regt; each firing six rounds of ball, at targets, at the distance of 150 yds.

The 103rd carried the palm, having placed 93 balls in their target, whilst Capt. Mure's only placed 67 in theirs. The firing of the latter was however considered very good, and when we mention that several of the militiamen had never before fired ball, and that many of the muskets used by them were of indifferent quality, and in bad order, it will not be thought surprising that the fine young men of the 103rd is generally composed, should have surpassed them.

The weather was fine, and a large concourse of people attended, each apparently taking an interest in the contest.


[1] This officer may have been John Mure, a prominent Quebec merchant, member of the Executive Council and Militiaman, d 1823. For a detailed biography, see his entry in The Dictionary of Canadian Biography On-Line . Mure also appears on pp. 135, 145 and 147 of Irving, Homfrey. Officers of the British Forces in Canada, during the War of 1812 – 1815. Welland,1908.


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