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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 12: November 2009


By John R. Grodzinski

Welcome to the latest issue of the War of 1812 Magazine! In this issue, we offer articles on a diverse series of subjects, including artwork, naval affairs and artillery. There are also reviews of two new interesting titles.

The War of 1812 community suffered a tragic loss recently, with the passing of Robert Malcomson, noted naval historian and author of two land battle studies on the War of 1812. He passed away in July 2009. Bob has left us with an important legacy that will be used by historians and enthusiasts for many years to come. Donald E. Graves has kindly authored a memorial to Bob that appears in this issue.

Two hundred years ago, as 1809 was coming to end, the Fifth Coalition against France lay in ruins and the general military situation remained relatively quiet for three more years, until Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. That epic campaign would spark a new coalition, the sixth that would culminate in the abdication of Bonaparte during 1814; meanwhile, Britain was increasing its committed in the Iberian Peninsula and sending expeditions elsewhere, including Walcheren and to take the final French held islands in the West Indies. The latter theatre, witnessed a 28 day campaign on Martinique, where one of the British field divisions were led by Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost, the lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia and future Captain General and Governor in Chief of British North America. During 1809, the United States was enjoying a relative peace, after a series of internal rebellions, frontier wars and overseas conflicts tested her army and navy.

Little did anyone know that this momentary hush in would explode into global conflict and find the United States declaring war against Britain, while that power was focussed on Europe. As we consider events of two centuries ago, it is hoped that historians will choose to re-examine them and add to our understanding of the War of 1812.

Enjoy this issue of the War of 1812 Magazine!

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