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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 14: October 2010


Edited by: John R. Grodzinski

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Table of Contents


Editorial by John R. Grodzinski


"For want of this precaution so many Men lose their Arms:" Official, Semi-Official and Unofficial American Artillery Texts, 1775-1815 Part 7 by Donald Graves

‘A Word Of 'Captain Caution': Myths About Privateers In The War Of 1812 by John A. Tures, LaGrange College, Georgia.

Documents, Artefacts and Imagery

Brigadier-General Leonard Covington, U.S. Army (1768-1813) by John R. Grodzinski

British Soldier's Bones. Skeleton Unearthed by Road Makers by Jack Billow

Reviews: Books, Film, Collectables and Ephemera

Two American Regimental Histories of the War of 1812 reveiwed by Don Graves


Recent Scholarship on the War of 1812


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