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Issue 16: September 2011


The Naval Dockyards Society and the National Museum of Bermuda present

Bermuda Dockyard and the War of 1812

A conference during the Bicentennial year on Saturday 9 June 2012

at the National Museum of Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard

Conference Call for papers

Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, this conference will examine Bermuda’s vital role during this conflict. Bermuda became the Royal Navy’s warm water North Atlantic base in the 1790s, supporting trade routes and colonies after Britain lost control of its American colonies and ports during the American War for Independence. Following the French and Napoleonic wars, persisting tensions with America and France escalated into maritime trade disagreements and ultimately full-scale naval conflict.

Strategically ideal owing to its geography, Bermuda was the natural naval focus in 1812-14 for the American blockade and the burning of Washington, benefiting economically as a supply base and prize court. Well after the peace treaty, Bermuda continued to be highly valued, and was indeed enlarged by the Royal Navy. The dockyard had a long history until it closed in 1951, so this is just one, albeit an important aspect of Bermuda’s naval and wider maritime heritage.

The dockyard and military defences developed at Bermuda during this intense period survive largely intact today and arguably merit World Heritage status. The National Museum of Bermuda and Naval Dockyards Society anticipate that these monuments and the Atlantic context of the War of 1812 will inspire new histories and connections during the conference. What unique contribution did Bermuda Dockyard make and how did the conflict affect Bermudian communities? Papers on later aspects of the dockyard’s history or on other aspects of the War of 1812 will also be considered. We look forward to this joint mission to promote dockyard history and heritage through a notable conference and tour marking the 1812 Bicentenary.

Original papers (20 or 40 minute duration) are invited on the above themes. All accepted papers will be published in NDS Transactions (making your paper available for publication is a condition of acceptance) and speakers will receive complimentary copies of the volume.

Please send an abstract (1 side of A4 and no more than 300 words) by 31 July 2011 to

Dr. Ann Coats, Secretary, Naval Dockyards Society, 44, Lindley Avenue, Southsea, PO4 9NU, England

023 9286 3799

For programme updates see Bermuda Dockyard and the War of 1812 or 2012 Bermuda



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