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Issue 17: January 2012


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The War of 1812 in Miniature: A Review of Figures depicting American, British and Canadian Soldiers of the War of 1812: Part II

By John Grodzinski

In Issue 16 of this Magazine, we offered a review of figures depicting soldiers and Natives from the War of 1812. From its base in Wales, John Jenkins Designs now offers a fine variety of 54mm figures most of which depict soldiers, guns and equipment from the Battle of Chippawa, an intense action that took place on 5 July 1814.

The editor acknowledges the support of John Jenkin’s Design in supporting this feature. For more information, please visit John Jenkins Designs

To learn more of this fascinating battle, please consult Donald E. Graves. Red Coats and Grey Jackets: The Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814. (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1994).

The British artillery at Chippawa consisted of three pieces, including three 6-pounder field guns under the command of Lieutenant Edmund Sheppard. This image shows a detachment of the Royal Artillery serving a 6 pounder gun.


Five hundred men of the 1st Regiment of Foot, or the Royal Scots, under Lieutenant-Colonel John Gordon, served at Chippawa. Here we see a section of soldiers from the Royal Scots.


A soldier of the Royal Scots about to fire. At Chippawa the battalion lost 63 men killed, 135 wounded and 30 missing.


Another view of member of the 1st Foot, this one showing the knapsack, waterbottle, haversack and cartridge box.


A 6-pounder gun and limber.

A 6-pounder gun and limber.

Jenkins also makes personality figurines, known as "Club Figures." This example is of Captain John Norton (1770-1830), an officer of the Indian Department who led warriors from the Western and Grand River Nations at Chippawa


A “Club Figure” of “Old Fuss and Feathers,” American Brigadier-General Winfield Scott, whose 1st Brigade won the field at Chippawa.

A junior officer bears the National Colour of the 11th Infantry of Scott’s brigade.

An officer of the Royal Scots with the King’s Colours.


A Pioneer Corporal from Scott’s brigade.

One brass 5.5 inch howitzer was employed at Chippawa by the British forces.

This impressive set includes a complete British foot artillery limber with a six horse team and a 6-pounder gun.

This impressive set includes a complete British foot artillery limber with a six horse team and a 6-pounder gun. The detail image shows the harness of the near-side centre horse. 

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