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The War of 1812 Magazine

Issue 18: June 2012


Edited by: John R. Grodzinski

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Table of Contents


General Hull's Campaign along the Detroit by M.B. Walsh

Shots Not Fired on 16 August 1812?
Selected Historical Accounts after the War
Discussion of Compilation Procedures for Maps
Later Development at Historic 1812 Military Sites near Detroit

Sir George Prevost: Defender of Canada in the War of 1812 by John R. Grodzinski

From the Battlegrounds of Canada to the Red River Colony: Poles in the Regiment De Watteville and Regiment De Meuron during the War of 1812 by Stan Skrzeszewski and Amanda Jankowski

An Important Announcement to War of 1812 Historians and Enthusiasts: LAC Digitization

Reviews: Books, Film, Collectables and Ephemera

Three Unit Histories of the War of 1812 by D.E. Graves

First Volleys: A Selection of New and Reprinted Titles on the War of 1812

1812: Rights of Passage


The Distribution of the Royal Marines on Lakes Ontario and Champlain, August 1814

Whoops! Accident on a Gun Detachment, 1811

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