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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Proclamation by the King of Prussia on the Polish Insurrection: December 4, 1806

Berlin, December 4, 1806.

One has just been informed that H. M. the King of Prussia sought to spread through Upper-Poland, or southernmost Prussia the following proclamation,

Proclamation against the authors and accessories to the insurrection movement in southernmost Prussia. H. M. the King of Prussia learns that in the east, by faithful indices, that an insurrection movement must have appeared in the department chambers of Posen and Kalistch. 

H. M. hopes with confidence, that the major part of the nation composing southernmost Prussia, of which the department chamber of Warsaw still gives to this moment so touching an example, will remember the many benefits it has received from H. M.; will not forget the continual efforts of the king to improve the state of the country, to raise it to a degree of prosperity which they had not known before, and it will remain faithful to its duties.  There can thus be only some same country noblemen and those from abroad who can benefit from the current state of war where the country is, to seek, by all kinds of false talks, to form a party for the enemy, to carry the country to insurrection, and to withdraw for themselves, by the means of the devastations of a civil war, and soiled blood of their fellow-citizens, advantages worthy of punishment.  One must act against these perverse men with the greatest rigor.  H. M. consequently places under military law, and orders all the military and civil authorities to stop any noble which carries the others to the insurrection, or which takes a small or large share in the insurrection, to give them to the nearest military tribunal; moreover, it is ordered to all the military tribunals to judge, in the twenty-four hours, any noble stopped, and, when it has judged they have taken a share in the insurrection, to shoot them at once. 

It is only towards those of the states below that of the nobility, which could have been so tempted, that H. M. can allow employment of the ordinary means of softness.  Those must thus be judged according to what the laws of the country prescribe.  But whoever denounces voluntarily the authors or the accomplices of the insurrection, must not only receive his grace for the share that he could have taken, but they will be also rewarded according to the circumstances.  Osterode, November 18, 1806. 





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