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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Capitulation of Glogau: November 5, 1806

Capitulation agreed upon between Mr. the major general Vandamme, grand-order of theLegion of honor, commanding the allied troops of H. M. the Emperor and King in front of Glogau;  And H. Exc. Mr. v. Reinhard, lieutenant general of the armies of H. M. the king of Prussia, knight of the order of the Red-Eagle and of the Merit, vice-governor of the fortress of Glogau, and Mr. v. Marwitz, major general commanding the place of Glogau. 

ART.  Ist.  The place of Glogau will be returned to the allied troops of H. M. the Emperor, tomorrow, December 3rd

II.  All that belongs to the fortress, artillery, ammunition of war, weapons, plans and stores of any species, will accurately be given into the hands of the officers that Mr. the General Vandamme will indicate to come to take possession of it, and to draw up a report of it. 

III.  The garrison will be captives of war; it will defile in front of the troops of the siege, flags deployed, lit fuses, and will put down their weapons in front of them. 

IV.  The officers will preserve their swords, horses and luggage, and will be free to withdraw themselves where they see fit, after however having signed their word of honor not to be useful anymore until peace or their exchange with the troops of H. M. the Emperor or his allies;  to them will be given passports for this purpose, and even of  safeguards if they wish some, and they will be treated just like the captive Prussian officers in Magdeburg.  

V.  The married non-commissioned officers and soldiers will have the permission to withdraw themselves to their premises with their family.

VI.  Mr. the General Vandamme promises protection, in the name of his sovereign, to any species of religion that is professed by the inhabitants of Glogau, total safety for all the people and individual private properties of the aforesaid inhabitants.

VII.  The civil magistrates and employees will preserve temporarily their employment, and will exert the same functions; the laws of the country will be also temporarily preserved; all the inhabitants that will wish to leave the city will receive passports. 

VIII.  The royal treasuries will be given to the officer that Mr. the General Vandamme will indicate.  This officer will disperse it.  The magistrates will remain agents of the sums pertaining to the private individuals.

IX.  The casualties and patients will be treated carefully.X.  The Breslaw gate and that of the head of the Oder bridge will be given to the besiegers one hour after the signature of this capitulation, and the magistrates of the city will keep them in continuous repair, so that they are entirely usable.

Factually made in Glogau, December 2, 1806. 

Signed, VON REINHART, lieutenant general of the army of king of Prussia, vice-governor of Glogau, and knight of the order of the Red-Eagle and of the Merit;  

MARVITZ, major general, commanding the place of Glogau; 

D. VANDAMME, major general, grand order of Legion of honor

A certified copy,                                                           Signed, D. VANDAMME. 


Map of the Siege of Glogau


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