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Eylau: Precis Des Travaux de la Grande Armée

Dispatch of General Benigsen: December 15, 1806

Letter from French Consul at Bucharest to Talleyrand: December 13, 1806

Copy of a letter written to Mr. the prince de Bénévent, Minister of Foreign Relations, by the chancellor of the consulate of France to Bucharest.

Bucharest, December 13, 1806. 


The Russian troops, commanded by prince Dolgorouki, stopped in Yassy, and sent to Russia Mr. Reinhard consul-General and all his mission.  The details of this act of violence are as unheard of as it is barbaric.  Prince Dolgorouki, after having snatched the imperial weapons, summoned Mr. Reinhard to leave his station, and a gave him a passport to go to the borders of Austria.  Mr. Reinhard leaves; he is only within one mile of Yassy, when a band of Cossaques surrounds him, seizes him in an unworthy way, and the conducts him to Tussie.  This feature of a low treason revolted everyone.  The Russians are even indignant of it, and allot it only to prince Dolgorouki;  it is unworthy of a civilized nation which enters the territory of the grand-lord proclaiming its peaceful intentions. 

Moustapha-Bayractar made of grand preparations.  He swears that he will set up all his forces to resist to the Russians.  His colonel, who commands from Bucharest, takes care day and night for the peace and public safety.  He posted soldiers at all the gates of the city, and solemnly declared that the first boyar that would leave there would lose their head. 

The pasha d' Ibraïl is at the head of 25 thousand men, whom he brought together with the forces of Moustapha-Bayractar. 

I am with respect, etc. 

Signed, LEDOULX.



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