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The Battle of Borodino: Reports

By Alexander Mikaberidze

Mikhail Kutuzov to Emperor Alexander, No. 105, 29 August [10 September] 1812, the village of Nara.

The battle, fought on the 26th [August, 7 September], was the bloodiest battles among those known in the modern times. We retained the entire battlefield and the enemy retreated to the position from which he attacked us. However, the enormous losses, especially the injury of many essential generals, forced me to retreat on the Moscow road. I am currently at the village of Nara and am compelled to retreat further since none of the forces that were supposed to reinforce me have arrived so far, specifically the three regiment formed by Lieutenant General Kleinmichel in Moscow and the regiments raised by Prince Lobanov which are marching to Moscow.

The wounded inform us that the enemy army suffered enormous casualties. Beside General of Division [Charles August] Bonnamy, who was captured, there are many killed generals, while Davoust [sic!] is wounded among others. Rear guard actions take place daily. I just learned that the corps of the Italian Viceroy [Eugene de Beauharnais] is located near Ruza, so Adjutant General [Ferdinand] Winzegorode's detachment was moved to Zvenigorod to cover that road to Moscow.

Prince G[olenishchev]-Kutuzov

P.S. Some wounded assure us that the total loss in the French army approach 40,000 killed and wounded.


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