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Allied Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813
The Allied Army of the North*

By Stephen Millar

(Prussian III Corps; Corps-Group Wintzingerode; Royal Swedish Army)

57 battalions, 72 squadrons + Cossacks and 17 ˝ batteries – excluding Swedes
Bernadotte, Jean-Baptiste-Jules, Crown Prince of Sweden

Prussian III Corps**

29 battalions, 36 squadrons and 9 batteries
Bulow, GL Friedrich-Wilhelm von

3rd Brigade
Hessen-Homberg, GM Prinz von

East Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: 1 battalion

East Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 3: 2 battalions

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 4: 3 battalions

East Prussian Landwehr Regiment Nr. 4: 4 battalions

Leib Hussar Regiment Nr. 1: 4 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

5th Brigade
Schon, OBL Johann-Karl-Joseph von [formerly Borstell, GM Ludwig-Friedrich-Hans-Christoph von]

Pommeranian Infantry Regiment Nr. 1: 3 battalions

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: 3 battalions

Kurmark Landwehr Regiment Nr. 2: 4 battalions

1 Foot Battery

Hobe, OB Karl-Friedrich-Berhard-Helmuth von

Pommeranian Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

East Prussian Uhlan Regiment: 4 squadrons

6th Brigade
Krafft, GM August-Friedrich-Erdmann von

Colberg Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 9: 3 battalions

Neumark Landwehr Regiment Nr. 1: 4 battalions

Pommeranian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment: 3 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

Reserve Cavalry
Oppen, GM Joachim-Friedrich-Wilhelm von

Treskow, OB Karl-Alexander-Wilhelm von

Dragoon Regiment Konig: 4 squadrons

Brandenburg Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

West Prussian Dragoon Regiment Nr. 2: 4 squadrons

1 Horse Battery

Sydow, OBL Hans-Joachim-Friedrich von [formerly Malzahn, GM Helmuth-Dietrich]

Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Nr. 2: 4 squadrons

Kurmark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Nr. 4: 4 squadrons

Pommeranian Cavalry Regiment Nr. 2: 1 squadron

1 Horse Battery

III Corps Reserve Artillery
Holtzendorf, OBL Karl-Friedrich von

2 – 12pdr Foot Batteries

1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

1 Horse Battery

Russian Corps-Group Wintzingerode

(Russian Corps Wintzingerode and O’Rourke’s Cavalry Corps)
28 battalions, 36 squadrons and 8 ˝ batteries
Wintzingerode, GK Ferdinand Ferdinandovich

Corps Wintzingerode

28 battalions, 27 squadrons + Cossacks and 7 ˝ batteries
Wintzingerode, GK Ferdinand Ferdinandovich

Advance Guard
Vorontzov, GL Mikhail Semenovich


Kniper I, GM Fedor

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 2, Nr. 13 and Nr. 14: 5 battalions

21st Infantry Division
GM Laptiev

Rudiger, Colonel

Jaeger Regiment Nr. 44: 2 battalions

Neva Infantry Regiment: 1 battalion

Rosen, Colonel

Petrovsk, Podolsk and Lithuania Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions


1 – 12pdr Foot Battery

1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

24th Infantry Division
Vuich, GM Nikolai Vasilevich

Bukinski II, Colonel Pavel Stepanovich

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 19 and Nr. 40: 3 battalions

Maznev, Colonel

Butyrsk and Tomsk Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

Zvarikin, Colonel

Hirvan and Ufa Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions


1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

Combined Division
Harpe, GM

Infantry Brigade

Tula and Navaguinsk Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions

Converged Grenadiers: 3 battalions

Cavalry Brigade
Manteuffel, GM

St. Petersburg Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Elisavetgrad Hussar Regiment: 6 squadrons

1 Horse Battery: 8 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Pahlen, GM Paul

Riga and Finland Dragoon Regiments: 5 squadrons

Izum Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

˝  Horse Battery: 6 guns

Cavalry Brigade
Zagriazhskii, GM

Nijinsk Horse Jaeger Regiment: 2 squadrons

Polish Uhlan Regiment: 6 squadrons

Illovaiski-IV, GM

4 Cossack Regiments


2 – 12pdr Foot Batteries

1 Horse Battery

Russian Cavalry Corps

9 squadrons + Cossacks and 1 battery
O'Rourke, GL Joseph Kornilovich

Bekendorf, GM

Volhynsk Uhlan Regiment: 3 squadrons

Pavlograd Hussar Regiment: 6 squadrons

1 Cossack Regiment

1 Horse Battery

Melnikov IV, Colonel

2 Cossack Regiments

Stahl, Colonel

1 Cossack Regiment

1 Bashkir Regiment

Brandel, Colonel

2 Cossack Regiments

Royal Swedish Army

Stedingk, FM Curt von

1  Cossack Regiment

1 – 12pdr Foot Battery [Russian]

1st Division
Skjoldebrand, GL


Svea Livgarde Regiment

Livbrigade Grenadier Regiment

Livgrenadier Regiment


Uppland Infantry Regiment

Sodermanland Infantry Regiment

Nora Skanska Infantry Regiment


Livegarde Till-Hast [Horse Lifeguard] Regiment

Kouteinikov Cossacks


1 Foot Battery: 6 guns

2nd Division
Sandels, GL Johann-August


Vastgota Infantry Regiment

Vastmanland Infantry Regiment

Narikes Infantry Regiment


Skaraborg Infantry Regiment

Elfborg Infantry Regiment

Varmland Feltjaeger Regiment


Kronoborg Infantry Regiment

Kalmar Infantry Regiment


1 Foot Battery: 6 guns

Cavalry Division

Livkurassiere Cuirassier Regiment

Skanska Hussar Regiment

Morner Hussar Regiment

1 Horse Battery: 6 guns



*A British Congreve rocket battery was also attached to Bernadotte’s command

** The 4th Brigade (GM Thumen) of Bulow’s III Corps was not present



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