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Allied Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813
The Russian Army of Poland

By Stephen Millar


(Corps Dohkturov and Tschaplitz’s Cavalry Division)
45 battalions, 41 squadrons + Cossacks and 11 batteries
Bennigsen, GC Leonty Leontievich, Baron

Corps Dohkturov

45 battalions, 10 squadrons and 5 batteries
Dohkturov, GI Dmitri Sergeievich

Advance Guard
Stroganov, GL

Glebov, GM

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 6 and Nr. 41: 4 battalions

1– 6pdr Foot Battery

Cavalry Brigade

Combined Hussar Regiment Nr. 1: 5 squadrons

Combined Uhlan Regiment Nr. 1: 5 squadrons

4 Cossack Regiments

2 Bashkir Regiments

Cossack Brigade [dismounted]
Tenishev, GM

2 Cossack Regiments

12th Infantry Division
Hovanski, GM

Sanders, GM

Smolensk and Narva Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions

Scheltuchin, GM

Alexopol and New Ingermanland Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions


1 – 12pdr Foot Battery

1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

13th Infantry Division
Lindorfs, GM

Rossi, GM

Vieliki-Luki and Galicia Infantry Regiments: 6 battalions

Ivanov, GM

Saratov and Penza Infantry Regiments: 5 battalions

26th Infantry Division
Paskevich, GM


Jaeger Regiment Nr. 5 and Nr. 42: 4 battalions

Savonia, GM

Ladoga and Poltava Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions


Niznigorod and Orel Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions


1 – 12pdr Foot Battery

1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

Cavalry Division

31 squadrons
Tschaplitz, GL Efim Igantevich

Repninski, GM

Combined Dragoon Regiment: 5 squadrons

1st and 2nd Combined Horse Jager Regiments: 8 squadrons

Kreutz, GM

Combined Uhlan Regiment Nr. 2: 4 squadrons

Taganrog, Siberian and Zitomir Uhlan Regiments: 8 squadrons

1 –  6pdr Horse Battery

Knorring, GM

Tartar Uhlan Regiment: 6 squadrons

1 Regiment of Cossacks

1 Regiment of foot Cossacks

1 Regiment of Bashkirs

Army Reserve Artillery
Kolotinski, Colonel

1 – 12pdr Foot Battery

3 – 6pdr Foot Batteries

1 – 6pdr Horse Battery



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