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Russian-Prussian Order-of-Battle at Eylau: 8 February 1807

The Left Wing

By Stephen Millar

Commander: Ostermann-Tolstoi, GL Alexander Ivanovich, Count

2nd Division
Ostermann-Tolstoi, GL Alexander Ivanovich, Count

Infantry Brigade
Mazovski, GM Nikolai

Pavlov Grenadier Regiment
Lohov, Col.

Rostov Musketeer Regiment
Popov, Col.

Infantry Brigade
Sukin II, GM Alexander Yakovlevich

St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment
Rosen IV, Lt-Col. Baron

Yelets Musketeer Regiment

Jager Brigade
Lieven III, GM Ivan Andreievich, Count

Jager Regiment Nr. 1

Jager Regiment Nr. 24
Vlastov, Lt-Col.

Cavalry Brigade [note 4]
Pahlen III, GM Petr Petrovich, Count von der

Little Russia Cuirassier Regiment

Courland Dragoon Regiment
Argamatov III, Lt-Col.

Soum Hussar Regiment

Malakov and Sissoiev I Cossacks


Infantry Brigade [note 5]
Barclay de Tolly, GM Mikhail Bogdanovich

Polotsk Musketeer Regiment

Kostroma Musketeer Regiment

Jager Regiment Nr. 3
Asheberg, Col.

6th Division [incomplete]
Sedmoratski, GL Alexander Karlovich

Infantry Brigade
Bagguvout, GM Karl Fedorovich

Starooskolski Musketeer Regiment
Popov, Col.

Jager Regiment Nr. 4
Frolov, Col.

Cavalry Brigade
Lambert, GM Comte de

Alexandriiski Hussar Regiment
Yurkovsky, Col.

Left Wing Reserve Artillery

2 Ė 12pdr Foot Artillery batteries

2 Ė 6pdr Horse Artillery batteries



4. Detached from GL Osten-Sacken Iís 3rd Division.
5. Detached from GM Somovís 4th Division



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