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French Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813
The Lindenau-Leipzig Sector

By Stephen Millar

I. Lindenau-Leipzig Sector

8 battalions, 14 squadrons and 2 batteries*

Cavalry Brigade [detached from III Cavalry Corps]
Quinette de Cernay, GdB Jean-Charles, Baron
6 squadrons and ˝ battery

16th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Gery, Colonel Alexandre-Pierre

17th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Lepic, Colonel Joachim-Hippolyte

21st Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Saviot, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

26th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Besnard, Colonel Louis-Pierre

27th Dragoon Regiment: 1 squadron
Prevost, Colonel Louis-Charlemagne

13th Cuirassier Regiment: 1 squadron**
Bigarne, Colonel Francois


˝ Horse Artillery Battery

Infantry Division [in Leipzig]
Margaron, GdD Pierre, Baron
8 battalions, 8 squadrons and 1 ˝ batteries

Infantry Brigade
Bertrand, GdB Antoine-Joseph, Baron

1st Provisional Regiment: 2 battalions

35th Light Regiment: 1 battalion
Duche, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

132nd Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Cailhassou, Colonel, Jean Louis

138th Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Albignac, Colonel Jean-Philippe-Aimar d’

Infantry Brigade
Hochberg, GM von

[Baden] Jagers: 1 battalion

[Baden] 2nd Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

[Baden] ˝ Foot Artillery Battery

Cavalry Brigade

1st Provisional Cavalry Regiment: 4 squadrons

2nd Provisional Cavalry Regiment: 4 squadrons

1 Horse Artillery Battery

II. Reinforcements

35 battalions, 47 squadrons and 8 batteries

[French-Saxon] VII Corps

35 battalions, 9 squadrons and 7 batteries

Reynier, GdD Jean-Louis-Ebenezer, Comte

Chief-of-Staff: Gressot, GdB Francois-Joseph-Fidele, Baron

Artillery: Verpeau, Colonel

13th Infantry Division
Guilleminot, GdD Armand-Charles, Comte

Infantry Brigade
Gruyer, GdB Antoine, Baron

18th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Despans-Cubieres, Colonel Amedee-Louis

1st Light Regiment: 1 battalion
Pillet, Colonel Louis-Marie

7th Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Bougault, Colonel Louis-Loup-Etienne-Martin

156th Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Oudot, Colonel Jean-Francois

Infantry Brigade
Lejeune, GdB Louis-Francois, Baron

52nd Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Grenier, Colonel Jean-Georges

67th Line Regiment: 1 battalion
Teulet, Colonel Raymond-Jean-Baptiste

101st Line Regiment: 2 battalions
Robillard, Colonel Jean-Michel

Illyrian Regiment: 1 battalion
Muller, Colonel Jean


1 – 6pdr Foot Artillery Battery

32nd Infantry Division
Durutte, GdD Pierre-Francois-Joseph, Comte

Infantry Brigade
Devaux, GdB Marie-Jean-Baptiste-Urbain, Chevalier

35th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Duche, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

36th Light Regiment: 2 battalions
Baume, Colonel Paul-Hippolyte-Alexandre

131st Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Tschudy, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Marie-Joseph de

Infantry Brigade
Jarry, GdB Antoine-Anatole-Gedeon, Baron

132nd Line Regiment: 3 battalions
Cailhassou, Colonel Jean-Louis

133rd Line Regiment: 2 battalion
Bussiere, Colonel Francois-Jean-Baptiste

Wurzburg Regiment: 3 battalion
Moser, Colonel


19/8th Foot Artillery Regiment

12/1st Foot Artillery Regiment

24th [Saxon] Infantry Division
Zeschau, GM von

Infantry Brigade
Brause, GM von

Regiment von Steindel: 1 battalion

Regiment Prinz Friedrich: 1 battalion

Regiment von Rechten: 1 battalion

Light Battalion von Lecoq Nr. 1

Grenadier Battalion von Speigel

Infantry Brigade
Ryssel, GM von

Regiment Prinz Anton: 1 battalion

Regiment von Niesemeuschel: 1 battalion

Light Battalion von Sahr Nr. 2

Grenadier Battalion von Anger


Foot Artillery Battery Nr. 6

Foot Artillery Battery Nr. 12

26th [Saxon] Cavalry Brigade
Lindenau, OB Adam-Friedrich-August von

Uhlan Regiment Prinz Clemens: 5 squadrons
Falitsch, MAJ von

Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons
Thumel, OB von

2 Horse Artillery Batteries

V Cavalry Corps

38 squadrons and 1 battery

1) Pajol, GdD Claude-Pierre, Comte [wounded 16.10.1813]
2) Milhaud, GdD Edouard-Jean-Baptiste, Comte [replaced GdD Pajol 16.10.1813]

9th Light Cavalry Division
Rosnyvinen, GdD Hippolyte-Marie-Guillaume de, Comte de Pire [from 15.10.1813]

32nd Light Cavalry Brigade
Klicki, GdB Stanislas, Baron

3rd Hussar Regiment: 3 squadrons
Rousseau, Colonel Paulin-Louis

27th Chasseur-a-Cheval Regiment: 4 squadrons
Bruno de Saint-Georges, Colonel Charles-Gaudens-Aloise-Marie

33rd Light Cavalry Brigade
Vial, GdB Jacques-Laurent-Louis-Augustin, Baron

14th Chasseur-a-Cheval Regiment: 3 squadrons
Lemoyne, Colonel Hilaire

26th Chasseur-a-Cheval Regiment: 3 squadrons
Miller, Colonel Jacques-Francois-Joseph

5th Heavy Cavalry Division
Heritier, GdD Samuel-Francois, Baron L’

Heavy Cavalry Brigade
GdB Quennet

2nd Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons
Hoffmayer, Colonel Laurent

6th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons
Mugnier, Colonel Claude

11th Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons
Thevenez d’Aoust , Colonel Francois-Alexandre

Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Collart, GdB Jean-Antoine, Baron de

13th Dragoon Regiment: 2 squadrons
Johannes, Colonel Jean-Sylvestre

15th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons
Boudinhon-Valdeck, Colonel Jean-Claude

6th Heavy Cavalry Division
1) Milhaud, GdD Edouard-Jean-Baptiste, Comte [replaced GdD Pajol 16.10.1813]

Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Gourlez, GdB Auguste-Etienne-Marie, Baron de Lamotte

18th Dragoon Regiment: 2 squadrons
Dard, Colonel Francois

19th Dragoon Regiment: 2 squadrons
Mermet, Colonel Joseph-Antoine

20th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons
Desargus, Colonel Pierre-Jean-Baptiste-Martin

Heavy Cavalry Brigade
Bernon, GdB Gabriel-Gaspard-Achille-Adolphe, Baron de Montelegier

22nd Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons
Chaillot, Colonel Louis-Claude

Corps Artillery

1 Horse Artillery Battery


*One source states 3,200 men were at Lindenau – GdB Quinette’s cavalry brigade and part of GdD Margaron’s division.

**This regiment does not list the Battle of Leipzig in it’s war service history.



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