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Allied Order-of-Battle at Leipzig: 16-18 October 1813
The Allied Army of Silesia

By Stephen Millar

(Prussian I Corps; Russian XI  Corps and IV Cavalry Corps;  Corps-Group Langeron)

107 battalions, 90 squadrons and 31 batteries
Blucher, GdK [GFM 16.11.13] Gerhard-Leberecht von
Staff Chief: Gneisenau, GM August-Wilhelm-Anton von

Prussian I Corps

36 battalions, 42 squadrons and 13 batteries
Yorck, GL Hans-David-Ludwig von

Advance Guard
Katzler, OB Andreas-Georg-Friedrich von

Jaegers: 1 composite battalion

Leib and West Prussian Grenadier Battalions: 2 battalions

East Prussian Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 12: 1 battalion

Landwehr Infantry: 3 battalions

1 Foot Battery

Leib Hussar Regiment Nr. 2: 1 squadron

Brandenburg Hussar Regiment: 2 squadrons

Brandenburg Uhlan Regiment: 4 squadrons

East Prussian National Cavalry Regiment: 4 squadrons

Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Nr. 5: 4 squadrons

1 Horse Battery

1st Brigade
Steinmetz, OB Karl-Friedrich-Franziskus von

Silesian and East Prussian Grenadier Battalions: 2 battalions

Silesian Landwehr Regiments Nr. 5 and Nr. 13: 6 battalions

Leib Hussar Regiment Nr. 2: 3 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

2nd Brigade
Mecklenburg-Strelitz, OB Karl-Friedrich-August, Herzog von

East Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 1 and Nr. 2: 5 battalions

Silesian Landwehr Regiment Nr. 6: 1 battalion

Mecklenburg-Strelitz Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

7th Brigade
Horn, GM Heinrich-Wilhelm von

Leib Infantry Regiment: 3 battalions

Silesian Landehr Regiment Nr. 4 and Nr. 15: 5 battalions

Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Nr. 3 and Nr. 10: 6 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

8th Brigade
Hunerbein, GM Friedrich-Heinrich-Karl, Freiherr von

Brandenburg Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 12: 2 battalions

Landwehr Regiment Nr. 14: 1 battalion

Brandenburg Hussar Regiment: 2 squadrons

1 Foot Battery

Cavalry Brigade
Wahlen-Jurgass, GM Alexander-Georg-Ludwig-Moritz von

West Prussian Dragoon Regiment Nr. 1: 4 squadrons

Lithuanian Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Neumark Landwehr Cavalry Regiment Nr. 1: 4 squadrons

2 Horse Batteries

I Corps Reserve Artillery
Schmidt, OBL Johann-Christian-Ludwig von

2 – 12pdr Foot Batteries

1 – 6pdr Foot Battery

1 – 3pdr Foot Battery

1 – 6pdr Horse Battery

Russian XI Corps

19 battalions and 5 batteries
Osten-Sacken I, GL Fabian Wilhelmovich, Baron von der

10th Infantry Division
Lieven III, GM I. A.

Akhlestyshev, Colonel M. F.

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 8 and Nr. 39: 3 battalions

Agalin [Ogalin], GM A.K.

Yaroslavl Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Zass II, GM Alexandr Pavlovich

Crimean and Belozersk Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

16th Infantry Division
Repninski, GM

Rahmanov, Colonel

Okhotsk and Kamchatka Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions

27th Infantry Division
Neverovsky, GL Dmitri Petrovich

Kollogribov, GM Alexei Semenovich

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 49 and Nr. 50: 3 battalions

Stavitzki, Colonel

Vilnius and Sibirsk Infantry Regiments: 2 battalions

Alexeiev, Colonel

Odessa and Tarnopol Infantry Regiments: 2 battalions

XI Corps Reserve Artillery

2 – 12pdr Foot Batteries

2 – 6pdr Foot Batteries

1 – 6 pdr Horse Battery

Russian IV Cavalry Corps

28 squadrons
Vasilchikov I, GL Illarion Vasilievich

2nd Cavalry Division
Lanskoi,  GL Sergei Nikolaevich

Yurkovski, Colonel A. A.

White Russia and Akhtyrsk Hussar Regiments: 10 squadrons


Marioupol and Alexandria Hussar Regiments: 11 squadrons

Karpov II, GM

9 Cossack, Kalmuk and Baskir Regiments

3rd Cavalry Division
Pantshulidsev, GM Aleksandr Alexeievich

Ushakov, GM

Smolensk and Courland Dragoon Regiments: 7 squadrons

Corps-Group Langeron

(Russian VIII, IX, X Corps and I Cavalry Corps)
52 battalions, 20 squadrons and 13 batteries
Andrault de Langeron, GL Alexandre-Louis, Comte

Russian VIII Corps

21 battalions and 3 batteries
Saint-Priest, GL Emmanuel, Comte de

11th Infantry Division
Gurialov, GM Prince

Bistrom II, GM Karl Ivanovich

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 1 and Nr. 33: 3 battalions

Turgenev, Colonel

Ekaterinburg and Rilsk Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

Karpenko, GM Moses Ivanovich

Yelets and Polotsk Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

17th Infantry Division
Pillar, GM E. M.

Kharitonov, Lt-Colonel Alekandr

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 30 and Nr. 48: 4 battalions

Kern, GM E. Fedorovich

Riazan and Belozersk Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions

Chertov I, Lt.-Colonel Pavel Alexeievich

Wilmanstrand and Brest Infantry Regiments: 4 battalions

VIII Corps Reserve Artillery

1 – 12pdr Foot Battery

2 – 6pdr Foot Batteries

Russian IX Corps

14 battalions and 2 batteries
Olsufiev, GL Zahkar Dmitrievich

15th Infantry Division
Kornilov I, GM Petr

Tikhanovski I, Colonel A. F.

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 12 and Nr. 22: 3 battalions

Anensur, Colonel

Kolyvan Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Tern, Colonel

Koslov and Vitebsk Infantry Regiments: 2 battalions

9th Infantry Division
Udom II, GM E. E.

Grimbladt, Colonel

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 10 and 38: 2 battalions

Poltaratski, Colonel

Anapa and Naheburg Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

Yuskov II, Colonel

Rialsk and Yakoutzk Infantry Regiments: 2 battalions

IX Corps Reserve Artillery

1 Foot Battery

1 Horse Battery

Russian X Corps

17 battalions and 8 batteries
Kapzevich, GL Ivan Mikhailovich

8th Infantry Division
Urusov, GM Count

Reren, Colonel I. B.

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 7 and Nr. 38: 3 battalions

Old Ingermanland Infantry Regiment: 2 battalions

Shenshin II, GM Vladimir Nikolaiovich

Arkhangelsk and Schusselburg Infantry Regiments: 3 battalions

22nd Infantry Division
Turchaninov, GM Pavel Petrovich

Durnovo, Colonel Ivan Nikolaievich

Jaeger Regiments Nr. 29 and Nr. 45: 4 battalions

Shkapski, GM M. A.

Viatka, Staroskol and Olonetz Infantry Regiments: 5 battalions

X Corps Reserve Artillery

4 – 12pdr Foot Batteries

3 – 6pdr Foot Batteries

1 – Cossack Horse Battery [7 guns]

Russian I Cavalry Corps

20 squadrons
Korff I, GL Ossip Ivanovich, Baron von

Cavalry Division
Emmanuel, GM Egorii Arsenievich


Kargopol and Kiev Dragoon Regiments: 8 squadrons


Kinburn Dragoon Regiment: 2 squadrons

Tver  Dragoon Regiment: 2 squadrons

Cavalry Division


Arzamass and Sievsk Horse Jaeger Regiments: 4 squadrons

Pahlen III, von der

Lithuania and Dorpat Horse Jaeger Regiments: 4 squadrons

Witte, GM de

4 Cossack Regiments




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