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French Order-of-Battle at Wavre: 18 June 1815
The Infantry Corps

By Stephen Millar

III Corps: 31 battalions and 32 guns*

Vandamme, General-de-Division Dominique-Joseph-Rene, Comte d’Unsebourg
Revest, General-de-Brigade Jean, Baron (Chief-of-Staff)
Doguereau, Colonel Louis (Artillery)
Nempde-Dupoyet, General-de-Brigade Pierre-Michel, Chevalier (Engineers)

8th Infantry Division: 11 battalions and 8 guns

Lefol, General-de-Division Etienne-Nicolas, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

a) Billard, General-de-Brigade Baron (killed 15 June 1815)
b) Vernier, Colonel Jean-Honore, Baron (replaced Billard)**

15th Light Regiment: 3 battalions

Brice, Colonel Jean-Charles

23rd Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Vernier, Colonel Jean-Honore, Baron

2nd Infantry Brigade

Corsin, General-de-Brigade Andre-Philippe, Baron

37th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Fortier, Colonel Ferjeux

64th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Dubalen, Colonel Raimond-Martin (died of wounds 16 June 1815)


7/6 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Chauveau, Capitaine

10th Infantry Division: 12 battalions and 8 guns

Habert, General-de-Division Pierre-Joseph, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Gengoult, General-de-Brigade Louis-Thomas, Baron

34th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Mouton, Colonel Jean-Antoine-Augustin

88th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Baillon, Colonel Jacques-Louis

2nd Infantry Brigade

Dupeyroux, General-de-Brigade Rene-Joseph         

22th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Fantin des Odoards, Colonel Louis-Florimund

70th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

a) Maury, Colonel Jean-Pierre (killed 16 June 1815)
b) Uny, Colonel Jean-Francois (killed 18 June 1815)
c) Stoffel, Colonel Christophe-Antoine-Jacob

2nd Foreign [Swiss] Line Regiment: 1 battalion

Stoffel, Colonel Augustin-Eugene


18/2 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Guerin, Capitaine

11th Infantry Division: 8 battalions and 8 guns

Berthezene, General-de-Division Pierre, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Dufour, General-de-Brigade Francois-Bertrand, Baron

12th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Baudinot, Colonel Henri-Aloyse-Ignace

56th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Delahaye, Colonel Louis-Francois-Joseph

2nd Infantry Brigade

Lagarde, General-de-Brigade Henri-Jacques-Martin, Baron***

33rd Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Maire, Colonel Claude-Augustin

86th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Pelecier, Colonel Claude-Joseph


17/2 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Lecorbeiller, Capitaine

Corps Reserve Artillery: 12-pdr/8 guns

1/2 Foot Artillery Company

Vollee, Capitaine

IV Corps: 26 battalions, 12 squadrons and 38 guns

Gerard, General-de-Division Etienne-Maurice, Comte
Saint-Remy, General-de-Brigade Maurice-Louis, Chevalier (Chief-of-Staff)
Baltus de Pouilly, General-de-Brigade Basile-Guy-Marie-Victor, Baron (Artillery)
Dufriche de Valaze, General-de-Brigade Eleonor-Bernard-Anne-Christophe-Zoa (Engineers)

12th Infantry Division: 10 battalions and 8 guns

Pecheux, General-de-Division Marc-Nicolas-Louis, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Rome, General-de-Brigade Jean-Francois, Chevalier

30th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Ramand, Colonel Adrien

96th Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Gougeon, Colonel Jean

2nd Infantry Brigade

Schaeffer, General-de-Brigade Christian-Henri, Baron

6th Light Regiment: 1 battalion

Villars, Colonel Jean-Jacques

63rd Line Regiment: 3 battalions

Laurede, Colonel Jean (died of wounds 16 June 1815)


2/5 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Fenouillat, Capitaine

13th Infantry Division: 8 battalions and 8 guns

Vichery, General-de-Division Louis-Joseph, Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Le Capitaine, General-de-Brigade Jacques, Baron (killed 16 June 1815)

59th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Laurain, Colonel Frederic-Alexandre

76th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Morice de la Rue, Colonel Victor-Antoine

2nd Infantry Brigade

Desprez, General-de-Brigade Francois-Alexandre, Comte

48th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Peraldi, Colonel Olivier-Antoine-Constantin

69th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Herve, Colonel Christophe


1/5 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Saint-Cyr, Capitaine

14th  Infantry Division: 8 battalions and 8 guns

a) Gnaisne de Bourmont, General-de-Division Louis-Auguste-Victor, Comte de  (deserted 14 June 1815)
b) Hulot, General-de-Brigade Etienne, Baron (replaced Gnaisne de Bourmont)

1st Infantry Brigade

a) Hulot, General-de-Brigade Etienne, Baron
b) Baume, Colonel Paul-Hippolyte-Alexandre (replaced Hulot)

9th Light Regiment: 2 battalions

Baume, Colonel Paul-Hippolyte-Alexandre

111th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Sauset, Colonel Louis-Antoine

2nd Infantry Brigade

Toussaint, General-de-Brigade Jean-Francois, Baron

44th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Paolini, Colonel Jean-Dominique

50th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Lavigne, Colonel Francois-Marie-Joseph


3/5 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Billon, Capitaine

6th Cavalry Division: 12 squadrons and 6 guns

Maurin, General-de-Division Antoine, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Vallin, General-de-Brigade Louis, Baron

6th Hussar Regiment: 3 squadrons

Savoie-Carignan, Colonel Joseph-Marie, Prince de

8th Chasseur-à-Cheval Regiment: 3 squadrons

Schneit, Colonel Pierre-Henri-Joseph

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Berruyer, General-de-Brigade Pierre-Marie-Auguste, Chevalier (mortally-wounded 16 June 1815)

6th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Mugnier, Colonel Claude****          

16th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Prevost, Colonel Louis-Charlemagne


3/3 Horse Artillery Company: 6 guns

Tortel, Capitaine

Corps Reserve Artillery: 12-pdrs/8 guns

5/5 Foot Artillery Company

Lenoir, Capitaine

Detachment from VI Corps: 5 battalions and 8 guns*

21st Infantry Division

Teste, General-de-Division Francois-Antoine Baron

1st Infantry Brigade

Lafitte, General-de-Brigade Michel-Pascal, Baron

8th Light Regiment: 2 battalions

Ricard, Colonel Jean

2nd Infantry Brigade

Penne, General-de-Brigade Raymond-Pierre

65th Line Regiment: 1 battalion

Monteyremar, Colonel Joseph-Gaspard

75th Line Regiment: 2 battalions

Mativet, Colonel Pierre

3/8 Foot Artillery Company: 8 guns

Duverry, Capitaine


* On June 18, III Corps’ 3rd Cavalry Division, along with the remainder of VI Corps and I Cavalry Corps, were part of Napoleon’s main army at the Battle of Waterloo.

** Some sources state Colonel Jean-Charles Brice replaced Billard as brigade commander.

*** Some sources spell this general’s surname Logarde.

**** Some sources list Colonel Jean-Baptiste Saviot as the regimental commander; however, Saviot is the regimental commander of 13th Dragoon Regiment.



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