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French Order-of-Battle at Wavre: 18 June 1815
The Cavalry Corps

By Stephen Millar

I Cavalry Corps: 12 squadrons and 6 guns*

Pajol, General-de-Division Claude-Pierre, Comte
Picard, Colonel (Chief-of-Staff)

4th Cavalry Division

Soult, General-de-Division Pierre-Benoit

1st Cavalry Brigade

Houssin de Saint-Laurent, General-de-Brigade Auguste

1st Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

Clary, Colonel Francois-Joseph-Marie

4th Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

Blot, Colonel Louis-Joseph

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Amiel, General-de-Brigade Auguste-Jean-Joseph-Gilbert, Baron

5th Hussar Regiment: 4 squadrons

Liegeard, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

1/1 Horse Artillery Company: 6 guns

Cothereaux, Capitaine

II Cavalry Corps: 25 squadrons and 12 guns

Exelmans, General-de-Division Remy-Joseph-Isidore, Comte
Ferrousat, Colonel (Chief-of-Staff )

9th Cavalry Division

Strolz, General-de-Division Jean-Baptiste, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Burthe, General-de-Brigade Andre, Baron

5th Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Canavas de Saint-Armand, Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Antoine

13th Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Saviot, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Vincent, General-de-Brigade Henri-Catherine-Baltazard, Baron

15th Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Chaillot, Colonel Claude-Louis

20th Dragoon Regiment: 4 squadrons

Briqueville, Colonel Armand-Francois-Bon-Claude de


4/1 Horse Artillery Company: 6 guns

Gudet, Capitaine

10th Cavalry Division

Chastel, General-de-Division Louis-Pierre, Baron

1st Cavalry Brigade

Bonnemains, General-de-Brigade Pierre, Baron

4th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Bouquerot des Essarts, Colonel Jean-Baptiste

12th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Bureaux de Pusy, Colonel Joachim-Irenee-Francois

2nd Cavalry Brigade

Breton [dit Berton], General-de-Brigade Jean-Baptiste

14th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Seguier, Colonel Alphonse-Alexandre

17th Dragoon Regiment: 3 squadrons

Labiffe, Colonel Louis


4/4 Horse Artillery Company: 6 guns

Bernard, Capitaine



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