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The Artillery and Engineers of the Bavarian Army 1807 - 1814: the Uniform Plates of Johann Cantler

These drawings originally appeared on line in German by our partner, Napoleon Online and are used with its owner's permission. Please note that Markus Stein holds the copyright on all of these images.

For a explanation in German of the uniform plates click on: The Technical Troops

Bavaria: Artillery Major: 1807
Bavaria: Bavaria: Artillery Train Captain: 1807 Bavaria: Engineer Officer: 1808 Bavaria:
Artillery Major: 1807
Artillery Gunner: 1807
Artillery Train Captain: 1807
Engineer Officer: 1808
Light Artillery Trumpeter: 1811
Bavaria:  Artillery Private: 1811 Bavaria: Artillery Master Artificer: 1811 Bavaria: Artillery Artificer: 1811 Bavaria: Artillery Captain: 1812 Bavaria:  Light Artillery Lieutenant: 1812
Artillery Private: 1811 Artillery Master Artificer: 1811 Artillery Artificer: 1811 Artillery Captain: 1812 Light Artillery Lieutenant: 1812
Bavaria: Artillery Train 1st Lieutenant: 1812 Bavaria:  Engineer Officer: 1812 Bavaria: Pontoon Company Private: 1813 Bavaria:  Artillery Corporal: 1814  
Artillery Train 1st Lieutenant: 1812 Engineer Officer: 1812 Pontoon Company Private: 1813 Artillery Corporal: 1814  


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