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British Cavalry Regiments and the Men Who Led Them 1793-1815: 5th Dragoons

By Steve Brown

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Royal Irish

Regimental History


Raised as Owen Wynne's Regiment of Enniskillen Dragoons in Ireland



4 April

Robert Cunninghame, later Lord Rossmore

Stations and Combats

Note: This regiment spent almost the entire period 1793-1799 dispersed in small detachments across Ireland, the various troops only uniting in times of crisis or for annual review. This lack of regimental unity – which probably played a part in the actions leading to disbandment – makes it impossible to list all stations at which the regiment served.


In dispersed detachments


In dispersed detachments; March – Cork


In dispersed detachments


In dispersed detachments


January – Cashel; to Bantry Bay; in dispersed detachments; October - Louth


Clonmel; May – Uprising; Lehaunstown Camp; New Ross; Arklow; July – Kilkenny; Boyle; Lehaunstown; November – Athy


Athy; stories circulating about sedition in the ranks; to England; 8 April – regiment ordered disbanded by King George; 10 April – regiment disbanded at Chatham, officers on full-pay until Christmas; 25 December – regiment officially reduced and officers on half-pay


A blank space on the Army List


Resurrected as the 5th (or Royal Irish) Dragoons, later Lancers

Careers of Senior Officers (shown as highest rank attained in regiment in the period)

Lt Col James Stewart

Born Ireland 1740; Lieutenant-Colonel in 5th Dragoons 7 January 1778; brevet Colonel 20 November 1782; commanded 5th Dragoons 1778 to 1797; subsequently Major-General 12 October 1793; Lieutenant-General 1 January 1798; died at Dublin 1 May 1798.

Major Brydges-Trecothick Henniker

Born Kent 1767; Major in 5th Dragoons 30 April 1791; to Lieutenant-Colonel in 9th Light Dragoons 31 March 1793.

Major Redmond Browne

Major in 5th Dragoons 31 September 1793 (on transfer from 5th Dragoons Guards); brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 3 May 1796; on half-pay 25 December 1799.

Lt Col Hon. Charles William Vane Stewart

Born Dublin 1778, half-brother to the future Lord Castlereagh; Major in 5th Dragoons 1 January 1797 (on transfer from 106th Foot); Lieutenant-Colonel the same day; commanded 5th Dragoons 1797 to 1798; to Lieutenant-Colonel in 18th Light Dragoons 12 April 1799; subsequently Major-General 25 July 1810; Lieutenant-General 4 June 1814; 3rd Marquis of Londonderry 1822; General 10 January 1837; died London 1854.

Lt Col Alexander John Goldie

Born Scotland 1779; Major in 5th Dragoons 1 January 1797; Lieutenant-Colonel 17 February 1798; commanded 5th Dragoons in Irish Rebellion 1798;  to supernumerary Lieutenant-Colonel in 6th Dragoon Guards 15 April 1799; subsequently Major-General 4 June 1811; Lieutenant-General 19 July 1821; General 28 June 1838; retired 1844; died April 1848.

Major Thomas Goldie

Major in 5th Dragoons 17 February 1798 (on transfer from 18th Light Dragoons); to supernumerary Major in 5th Dragoon Guards 20 May 1799; to Major in 9th Dragoons same day.


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