Military Subjects: Organization, Strategy & Tactics

Notes on Wellington’s Cavalry in the Peninsula: Sources

By Ray Foster

A History of the Peninsular War 1808 to 1814 By Charles Oman M.A Volumes 1 to 7 inc’. Oxford at the Clarendon Press 1902-1930

The Biographical Dictionary of British Officers Killed and Wounded 1808-1814 by John A Hall Greenhill Books London 1998

The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington during his various campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal Spain, the Low Countries and France from 1799 to 1818 Volumes 4 to 11 incl’. Compiled from official and authentic documents By Lieut’ Colonel Gurwood Esq’ to his Grace as Knight of the Bath John Murray London 1838

The Supplementary Dispatches & Memoranda of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington KG Ed, by 2nd Duke of Wellington John Murray London 1858-1872          

The Historical Records of the Regiments of the British Army By Richard Cannon Adjutant General’s Office    various publishers 1837-1854

History of the British Army by JW Fortescue Macmillan London 1899-1930

Wellington’s Army by Charles Oman Francis Edwards London 1968 Appendix 11, Divisional and Brigade Organization and Changes 1809 to 1814 by CT Atkinson M.A. Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College Oxford

History of the War in the Peninsula and the South of France from the year 1807 to the year by WFP Napier CB Colonel HP 43rd Regiment George Routledge & Sons London and New York 1878

Wellington’s Army in the Peninsula 1808-1814 by Michael Glover David and Charles Newton Abbot London 1977

Wellington as Military Commander by Michael Glover Batsford  London  1968

Wellington The Years of the Sword By Elizabeth Longford London Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1969

The Peninsular Journal 1808-1817 By Major General Sir Benjamin D’Urban Greenhill Books London 1988

Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars By David G Chandler Arms & Armour Press London 1993

History of the War in the Peninsula  as Translated By MS Foy Worley Felling 1989


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