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Notes on Wellington’s Peninsular Regiments: 14th Regiment of Foot (Buckingham)                 

By Ray Foster

Facings: Buff                                                               
Lace: Silver


27th October - 1st November 1808 (landed at Corunna)                                                                                   
PUA 630                             

This battalion has landed under Sir David Baird and marches to Sahagun where we shall see them;

19th December (at Sahagun)                                                                                                                                    
PUA 550                                         

Having shed some 80 men along the wayside when brigaded under Mackenzie they will be re-organised when General Moore puts together his amalgamated force. Now with Hill in a strong brigade there is little else to do except to keep as many men together as the dismal retreat in awful weather will allow, this they manage no worse than any other so that when the army has to stand at Corunna and fight off Soult's men they will be found at the tiny village of Piedralonga as a sort of flank guard. Casualties on this day are not recorded excepting for the wounding of Volunteer R Stack we are made aware however that when this battalion embarked the next day and took such of its disabled comrades off as could be put on the transports they would land at ports in England showing;

22nd January 1809 (at ports in England)                                                                                                
Disembarked 492                         

It is sad to say that a battalion of this regiment was landed ashore at the environs of Walcheren on 29th July 1809 with more than 900 PUA. That is the last we hear of them so far as this theatre of operations is concerned.

PS: With such a short record what is there to be said?

A 2nd battalion was a comparative rarity in Moore’s army, its losses however no different to those of premier status in this ruinous campaign. We should let it rest there. 

It seems that they owned a 3rd Battalion and this one was present at Waterloo with Mitchell out on the far right.


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