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Notes on Wellington’s Peninsular Regiments: 37th Regiment of Foot (North Hampshire)              

By Ray Foster

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This battalion we know was a part of the Gibraltar garrison during the whole of 1812, on 18 July 1813 Wellington asked the Governor to exchange them for 2/84th who at that time were being brought to the Biscay ports to make up a brigade under Major General Matthew Aylmer.

It is only when the war has reached its final stages that 1/37th are released from service at Gibraltar and on 25th March 1814 eventually do join Aylmer's Independent Brigade, having just three weeks to serve before the war comes to a close.

Aylmer at that time, as always was attached to 1st Division and operating in the Bayonne area, occasionally being brought into minor supporting roles.

There are no figures available.

PS; Probably through no fault of its own this battalion had no chance to show its worth in Peninsular affairs.

This regiment had a 2nd battalion which was present at Waterloo in the Reserve 7th Division.

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