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British Forces at Cadiz 1810-1814: Organisation, Strength, and Losses

By Andrew Bamford

Appendix II – Organisation of Anglo-Portuguese Forces in the Barossa Campaign

Graham’s division in the allied army under La Pena during the Barossa campaign was composed both of troops from his own command and reinforcements from Gibraltar, and was organised into two infantry brigades, three flank battalions of converged light infantry and grenadiers, a detachment of Royal Artillery with ten guns, and detachments of cavalry and engineers. The First Brigade was essentially Dilkes’ ordinary command, reinforced by two companies of rifles, but Wheatley’s Second Brigade contained only the 2/67th from his Cadiz command, with the addition of the 1/28th from Gibraltar and the 2/87th from the Cadiz contingent’s Reserve. One flank battalion was formed from troops of the Gibraltar command, and the other two by companies from Cadiz. With rank and file strengths, the organisation was as follows.[1]

Commanding the Force: Lt. General Sir Thomas Graham

First Brigade: Brigadier General William Dilkes (1311)

2/1st Footguards (587)
Footguards Detachment Battalion (518), comprising|
Two companies 2/Coldstream Guards (204)|
Three companies 2/3rd Footguards (314)
Detachment 2/95th Rifles (206)

Second Brigade: Colonel William Wheatley (1605)

Eight companies 1/28th (North Gloucestershire) (437)
2/67th (South Hampshire) (504)
2/87th (Prince of Wales’s Irish) (664)

Browne’s Flank Battalion: Lt Colonel John Browne (514), comprising

Two coys 2/9th (East Norfolk)
Two companies 1/28th (North Gloucestershire)
Two companies 1/82nd (Prince of Wales’ Volunteers)

Barnard’s Flank Battalion: Lt. Colonel Andrew Barnard (615), comprising

Four companies 3/95th Rifles
Two companies 2/47th (Lancashire)

Flank Battalion of 20th Portuguese Infantry (316)

Royal Artillery: Major Alexander Duncan (342, with ten guns)

Hughes’ Company[2]
Shenly’s Company

Detachment 2nd KGL Hussars (193)[3]
Detachment Royal Engineers (50)
Detachment Royal Staff Corps (35)

Total: 4981


[1] Details largely from Oman , Peninsular War, Vol. IV, p.612. Note, however, that Oman transposes the battalions of the 9th and 82nd that provided flank companies to Browne’s battalion: see monthly return for Gibraltar of February 25th in TNA, WO17/1797.

[2] Company designations from The Battle of Barossa [Viewed July 11th 2009]

[3] Brigaded with Spanish cavalry under Colonel Samuel Whittingham.



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