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History and Organisation of the Dutch 8th Militia Battalion: 1816 - 2008 in the Netherlands

By Marco Bijl


Editor's Note: This article is first appeared on the Dutch 8th Militia website and is used with the author's permission.

Author's Note: This article is based on research in primary sources only. All information is coming directly from archives, libraries and museums in the Netherlands and Belgium. Numbers between ( ) brackets are referring to numbers in the bibliography. The author has a copy of all documents mentioned in the text.

Sources: 25, 43, 44, 47, 61 & websites of modern Dutch Army units!

15 October 1843: the battalion becomes the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment based in Maastricht. The name Afdeling is now replaced by Regiment.

30 March 1905: the battalion becomes the 3rd Battalion, 11th Regiment.

1 April 1913: it becomes the 1st Battalion in the same regiment (now encamped in Nijmegen). During the 1st World War, the battalion was garrisoned in Ede.

26 May 1922: all battalions of the 11th regiment were made inactive, only 3 school units and 1 training company are remaining.

March 1927: it is further reduced to a staff and 2 school companies.

1 October 1930: 3 companies are added: 2 tirailleurs and 1 machine gun.

1 October 1933: one of the tirailleur companies and the machinegun company were disbanded. But a new "specialist" company was added. Now there are only two companies in the regiment.

28 August 1939: 1st Battalion is re-activated again. Later that year the 22nd, 35th, and 46th Regiments of infantry are made out of officers and men of the 11th. The 11th itself remained as it was.

14 May 1940: all Dutch army units are disbanded by the Germans.

1 September 1946: the original 1st Battalion of the 11th Regiment is re-raised as the 3rd Battalion of the same regiment.

17 December 1949: the 11th Regiment is de-activated.

1 July 1950: all traditions and honours of the old 11th Regiment are taken over by the 993rd Battalion "Limburgse Jagers" (LBJ).

1 Noembr 1957: this unit is re-named the 42nd Battalion LBJ, garrisoned in Seedorf, Germany from 1964 onwards.

The 42nd LBJ battalion is now called 42nd (NL) Mechanized Battalion Limburgse Jagers or shortly 42nd Mechbat LBJ.

The unit is now garrisoned in Oirshot, the Netherlands. The battalion consists of 3 Panzer-infantry companies and 1 staff and service company. At the moment there are 820 soldiers in the battalion. The battalion commander is Luitenant-Kolonel Klein Schaarsberg. The Regiment LBJ has "Quatre Bras" and "Waterloo" on its ceremonial flag.



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