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French Colonels and Colonels-in-Chief (1789): Infantry Regiments Numbers 81 - 104

By Stephen Millar

The final colonel-in-chief in the French infantry was 8th duc de Montbazon (Infantry Regiment Rohan Number 86).

81. Regiment Boulonnois

Comte d’Averay; colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 81.

82. Regiment Angoumois

Aymard-Charles-Leon-Marie de Nicolay, marquis de Goussainville [dit ‘marquis de Nicolay’] (born 14 August 1747); colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 82; guillotined 7 July 1794.[1]

83. Regiment Conti

Comte de Cousans, colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 83.

84. Regiment Saintonge

Pierre-Marie, vicomte Dulau d’Allemans; colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 84.

85. Regiment Foix

Vicomte de la Roche-Aymon; colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 85.[2]

86. Regiment Rohan

Jules-Hercule de Rohan, 8th duc de Montbazon (born 25 March 1726); Lieutenant-General 1762; colonel-in-chief of Infantry Regiment Number 86; died 1800.

87. Regiment Suisse de Diesbach

88. Regiment Suisse de Courten

89. Regiment Irlandois de Dillon

90. Regiment Irlandois de Berwick

91. Regiment Allemand de Royal Suedois

92. Regiment Chartres

Pierre-Marie, chevalier de Grave; (born 1755); colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 92; died 1825.

93. Regiment Barrois

Comte de Baschi; colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 93.[3]

94. Regiment Irlandois de Walsh

95. Regiment Enghien

Marie-Yves des Brosses, marquis de Goulet; colonel of Infantry Regiment Number 95.

96. Regiment Allemand de Royal Hesse-Darmstadt

97. Troupes Provincials[4]

98. Regiment Suisse de Salis[-Grisons]

99. Regiment Allemand de Nassau

100. Regiment Suisse de Steiner

101. Regiment Allemand de Bouillon

102. Regiment Allemand de Royal Deux-Ponts

103. Regiment Suisse de Reinach

104. Regiment Allemand de Royal Liegeois

105-107: Some sources list these three units as 105. Reinach; 106. (vacant colonelcy); 107. Royal Liegois. However, the final regiment in the Etat militaire de France pour l’annee 1789 is numbered 104.



[1] His eldest son, Aymard-Marie, was guillotined three days later.

[2] This colonel was probably the son of Lieutenant-General Antoine-Louis-Francois, comte de La Roche-Aymon de Chastellus (15 November 1714-26 January 1789).

[3] This officer may be Charles-Francois-Ranier de Baschi, comte de Saint-Esteve (born Lisbon 31 July 1754; died Wolfensbuttel 28 October 1801), the son of a former French Ambassador to Portugal .

[4] This unit consisted of garrison and provincial troops.


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