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Prussian Infantry Regimental Colonels-in-Chief 1792 - 1806: Jagern zu Fuss Regiment

By Stephen Millar


Formed in 1799, the 12-company Jagern zu Fuss Regiment was not intended to be employed in battle as a single unit. Individual companies were instead assigned to various higher commands (for example, two companies – Valentini and Masars – were attached to Ludwig, Prinz von Prussen’s Advanced Guard detachment for the 1806 Campaign).

There were also 24 four-company fusilier battalions available for the 1806 Campaign (plus an additional battalion from the allied Duchy of Saxe-Weimar). The battalions were organized into eight three-battalion brigades for administrative purposes. In the field, these battalions – usually commanded by lieutentant-colonels – were assigned thoroughout the Prussian Army (for example, Fusilier Battalions Nrs. 13, 14 and 15 of the Lower Silesian Fusilier Brigade fought at Saalfeld on 10.10.1806).

Jagern zu Fuss Regiment


Yorck [1814: Graf Yorck von Wartenburg], Major [1821: Generalfeldmarschall] Johann-David-Ludwig (26.09.1759-04.10.1830) [1]

[1] Some sources state Yorck commanded the regiment from 1787 to 1806. He was awarded the ‘Pour le Merite’ in 1807.

Fusilier Battalions

Westfalen Fusilier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 18
Battalion Nr. 19
Battalion Nr. 20

Magdeburg Fusilier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 1
Battalion Nr. 2
Battalion Nr. 5

Upper Silesian Fusilier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 7
Battalion Nr. 10
Battalion Nr. 22

Lower Silesian Fuslier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 13
Battalion Nr. 14
Battalion Nr. 15

1st Warsaw Brigade

Battalion Nr. 4
Battalion Nr. 8
Battalion Nr. 16

2nd Warsaw Brigade

Battalion Nr. 9
Battalion Nr. 12
Battalion Nr. 17

1st East Prussian Fusilier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 3
Battalion Nr. 6
Battalion Nr. 11

2nd East Prussian Fusilier Brigade

Battalion Nr. 21
Battalion Nr. 23
Battalion Nr. 24



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