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Composition and Strength of the Russian Armies at the Beginning of 1812: The Second Army of the West

By Alexander Mikaberidze, Chairman of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia


Commander-in-Chief: General of Infantry Prince Peter Bagration

Chief of Staff: Major General St. Priest

Quartermaster General: - Major General Vistitsky

7th Infantry Corps: General Lieutenant Rayevsky

26th Infantry Division: Major General Paskevitch
1st Brigade - Colonel Libghardt
Ladoga Infantry Regiment (2)

Poltava Infantry Regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Savonin

Nizhegorod Infantry Regiment (2)

Orlov Infantry Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Colonel Gogel'

5th Jager Regiment

42nd Jager regiment

Artillery - Colonel Shul'man

27th Position Battery

47th Light Battery

48th Light Battery

12th Infantry Division: Major General Kolyubakin

1st Brigade - Colonel Ryleev
Narva Infantry regiment (2)

Smolensk Infantry regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Pantserbiter

Novoingerman Infantry Regiment (2)

Aleksapol' Infantry regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Major General Palitsyn

6th Jager Regiment (2)

41st Jager Regiment (2)

Akhtyrsk Hussars regiment - Major general Vasylchikov (8)

Artillery - Colonel Sablin

12th Position Battery

22nd Light Battery

23rd Light Battery

8th Horse Battery

Total: 24 Battalions, 8 Squadrons, 7 artillery Batteries

8th Infantry Corps: General Lieutenant Borozdin I

2nd Combined Grenadier Division: Major General Prince Carl von Macklenburg
1st Brigade - Colonel Shatilov
Kiev Grenadier Regiment (2)

Moscow Grenadier Regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Buxhowden

Astrakhan' Grenadier Regiment (2)

Phanagoria Grenadier Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Colonel Hesse

Sibiria Grenadier Regiment (2)

Malorossiisk Grenadier Regiment (2)

Artillery - Colonel Boguslavsky

2nd Position Battery

20th Light Battery

21st Light Battery

Combined Grenadier Division: Major General Count Vorontsov

Combined Grenadier Battalions: 7th and 24th Infantry Divisions (4)

Combined Grenadier Battalions: 2nd, 12th and 26th Infantry Divisions: (6)

2nd Cuirassier Division: Major General Knorring

1st Brigade - Major General Kretev
Military Order Cuirassier Regiment (4)

Ekaterinoslav Cuirassier Regiment (4)

2nd Brigade - Major General Duca

Glukhov Cuirassier Regiment (4)

Novgorod Cuirassier Regiment (4)

Total: 22 Battalions, 20 Squadrons, 5 artillery Batteries

4th Cavalry Corps: Major General Count Syvers

1st Brigade Major General Panchulidze I
Kharkov Dragoon Regiment (4)

Chernigov Dragoon Regiment (4)

2nd Brigade Colonel Emmanuel

Kiev Dragoon Regiment (4)

Novorossiiski Dragoon Regiment (4)

Lithuanian Uhlan Regiment (8)

10th Horse Battery

1 Pioneer Company

1 Pontooner Company

4 Reserve Artillery Batteries

Cossack Division: Major General Ilovaisky V

9 Cossack Regiments

1 Don CossackArtillery Battery

27th Infantry Division: General Lieutenant Neverovsky
1st Brigade - Major General Knyazhnin I
Vilno Infantry Regiment (2)

Simbirsk Infantry Regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Stavitsky

Odessa Infantry Regiment (2)

Tarnopol Infantry Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Aide-de-camp Colonel Voyekov

49th Jager Regiment (2)

50th Jager Regiment (2)

Total in 2nd Western Army: 58 Battalions, 52 Squadrons, 18 artillery Batteries, 1 Pioneer and 1 Pontooner Companies


Placed on the Napoleon Series: November 2000


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