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Composition and Strength of the Russian Armies at the Beginning of 1812: The Third (Observational) Army of the West

By Alexander Mikaberidze, Chairman of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia


Commader-in-Chief: General of Cavalry A. Tormasov

Chief -of-Staff: Major General Inzov

Quartermaster General: Major General Renne

1st Separate Corps: General of Infantry Kamensky

18th Infantry Division: Major General Prince Sherbatov
1st Brigade - Major General Bernados
Tambov Infantry Regiment (2)

Vladimir Infantry Regimenk (2)

2nd Brigade - Major General Prince Khovansk

Diyirovsk Infantry Regiment (2)

Kostroma Infantry Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Major General Mesherinov

28th Jager Regiment (2)

32nd Jager Regiment (2)

Combined Grenadier Brigade

Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 9th, 15th and 18th Divisions

Pavlograd Hussars Regiments - Major General Chaplits (8)

18th Position Battery

34th Light Battery

35th Light Battery

11th Horse Battery

Total: 18 Battalions, 8 Squadrons, 4 artillery Batteries


2nd Separate Corps: General Lieutenant Markov

15th Infantry Division: Major General Nazimov
1st Brigade - Major general Stepanov
Kozlov Infantry Regiment (2)

Vitebsk Infantry Regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Ol'dekon

Kurinsk Infantry Regiment (2)

Kolyvan Infantry Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Major general prince Vyazemsky

13th Jager Regiment (2)

14th Jager Regiment (2)

9th Infantry Division: Major General Udom

1st Brigade - Colonel Reihail
Ryazhsky Infantry Regiment (2)

Apsheron Infantry Regiment (2)

2nd Brigade - Colonel Seliverstov

Pashebursg Infantry Regiment (2)

Yakutsk Infantry Regiment (2)

3rd Brigade - Colonel Krasovsky

10th Jager Regiment (2)

38th Jager Regiment (2)

Alexander Hussars Regiment - Colonel Prince Madatov (8)

9th Position Battery

15th Position Battery

16th Light Battery

17th Light Battery

28th Light Battery

29th Light Battery

12th Horse Battery

Total: 24 Battalions, 8 Squadrons, 7 artillery Batteries

3rd Separate Corps: General Lieutenant Baron Sacken

36th Infantry Division: Major General Sorokin
Reserve Battalions of the 15th and 18th Divisions (12)

11th Cavalry Division:

Reserve Squadrons of the 4th Cavalry Division (4); 5th Cavalry Division (8) and 2nd Cuirassier Division (4)

Lubensk Hussars Regiment - Major General Melissino (8)

33rd Position Battery

13th Horse Battery

Total: 12 Battalions, 24 Squadrons, 2 artillery Batteries

Cavalry Corps: Major General Count Lambert

1st Brigade - Major General Berdyaev
Starodub Dragoon Regiment (4)

Tver' Dragoon Regiment (4)

2nd Brigade - Major General Khrushev

Zhitomyr Dragoon Regiment (4)

Arzamas Dragoon Regiment (4)

Tatar Uhlan Regiment - Colonel Knorring (8)

3rd Brigade - Major GeneralChaplitz

Vladimir Dragoon Regiment (4)

Taganrog Dragoon Regiment (4)

Serpukhov Dragoon Regiment (4)

9 Cossack Regiments

Reserve Artillery:

34th Position Battery

1 Pontoneer Company

1 Pioneer Company

Total: 36 Squadrons, 9 Cossack Regiments, 1 Reserve artillery Battery, Pioneer and Pontooner Companies.

Total in 3rd Western Army: 54 Battalions, 76 Squadrons, 9 Cossack Regiments, 14 Artillery Batteries, 1 Pontoneer and 1 Pioneer Companies.


Placed on the Napoleon Series: November 2000


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