Military Subjects: Organization, Strategy & Tactics

Austrian Regular Infantry

By Mike Embree

Artwork by Keith Vincent

Editor's Note: This paper was first published as a pamphlet by the Napoleonic Association in the late 1970s. The Napoleonic Association has very generously given us permission to place it on the Napoleon Series. It is reproduced in its entirety except for those parts that cover wargaming. Click here for more information on the Napoleonic Association.


Exercicen des Regiments - 1807

Die Osterreichisches Armee bis 1700 zur 1867 Ottenfeld u Teuber - 1867

Die Kaiserliche und Königliche Armee, Band I - 1898 - A. Wrede

Die Fähne des Osterreichisches Sodaten im Wandel - 1967 - Berglandverlag

Heeregeschichtliches Museum - Wien - Correspondence

Recommended Reading in English

Napoleon and the Archduke Charles - 1909 - F Lorraine Petre

Napoleon's Last Campaign in Germany - 1912 - F Lorraine Petre

Europe Against Napoleon - 1970 - Anthony Brett James

Placed on the Napoleon Series: February 2001





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