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Former Reserve Infantry Regiments in the 1815 Campaign


Prussian Reserve Infantry: 1813-15

Part IV: Appendices

By Robert Mantle




The Reserve Infantry Regiments did not become part of the Regular Amry until March 25 1815 and were not entitled to colours befroe that date. However, several types of unofficial flag were carried, mostly of a pattern bearing a cross, similar to the Iron Cross, on a contrasting field, either black on white, or vice versa. This was based on one of the patterns of colour carried by the Regulars.

As the official colours were not presented until after the 1815 campaign, these unofficial flags may have been carried at Ligny and Belle-Alliance.

Former Reserve Infantry Regiments in the 1815 Campaign

No 12

1 Brigade, I Corps

No 14

7 Brigade, II Corps

No 15

16 Brigade, IV Corps

No 18

15 Brigade, IV Corps

No 19

4 Brigade, I Corps

No 21

8 Brigade, II Corps

No 22

7 Brigade, II Corps

No 23

8 Brigade, II Corps

No 24

1 Brigade, I Corps

The 13th, 16th and 17th Regiments took no part in the campaign. The 20thRegiment was assigned to the 11 Brigade, III Corps but did not arrive in Belgium until after the campagin had begun, taking no part in the fighting.

The I Corps, commanded by Zieten made a fighting retreat from Charleroi to Fleurus on June 15 and played a major rôle in the battle of Ligny next day. After retreating to Wavre, it was sent to Wellington's assistance on the 18th and advanced elements made contact with the Anglo-Dutch army about 7:30 pm.

II Corps (Pirch) was engaged at Ligny, retreated to Wavre and marched to Belle-Alliance on the 18th, taking part in the final attack on Plancenoit.

IV Corps (Bulow) did not join the rest of the Army until after Ligny due to bad staff work. On June 18, it was the first Corps dispatched to Belle-Alliance and after a cross country march, bore the brunt of the fighting around Plancenoit. The 15th and 18th Infantry Regiments (the former 3rd and 6th RIR) were heavily engaged and suffered severely.




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