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1st Western Army

Main Reserve of the 1st Western Army

2nd Western Army

Main Reserve of the 2nd Western Army

Russian Artillery on the Eve of the Battle of Borodino: 7 September 1812: Order-of-Battle

By Alexander Mikaberidze


1st Western Army - General Mikhail Barclay de Tolly

2nd Infantry Corps - Lieutenant General Baggovut

4th Infantry Division - Major General Prince of Wuttemberg

1st Brigade

Tobolsk Infantry Regiment
Volynsk Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Kremenchug Infantry Regiment
Minsk Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

4th Jager Regiment
34th Jager Regiment

4th Artillery Brigade (Colonel Voeikov)

4th Battery Company (12)
7th Light Company (12)
8th Light Company (12)

17th Infantry Division - Lieutenant General Olsufiev

1st Brigade

Ryazan Infantry Regiment
Brestsk Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Belozersk Infantry Regiment
Vilmanstrand Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

30th Jager Regiment
48th Jager Regiment

17th Artillery Brigade (Colonel Ditterix II)

17th Battery Company (12)
32nd† Light Company (12)
33rd Light Company (12)

Total guns in the 2nd Infantry Corps: 72

3rd Infantry Corps - Lieutenant General Tuchkov I

1st Grenadier Division - Major General Stroganov

1st Brigade

Life Guard Regiment
Arakcheyevís Grenadier Regiment

2nd Brigade

Pavlovsk Grenadier Regiment
Ekaterinoslavl Regiment

3rd Brigade

St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment
Tavrida Grenadier Regiment

3rd Infantry Division - Lieutenant General Konovsnytsin

1st Brigade

Muromsk Infantry Regiment
Revel Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Chernigov Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion of the Seleginsk Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

20th Jager Regiment
21st Jager Regiment

3rd Artillery Brigade (later attached to the 2nd Western Army)

1st Battery Company (6)
6th Light Company (12)

4th Infantry Corps - Lieutenant General Osterman-Tolstoy

11th Infantry Division - Major General Bakhmetyev

1st Brigade

Keksgolm Infantry Regiment
Pernov Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Polotsk Infantry Regiment
Yeletsk Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

1st Jager Regiment
33rd Jager Regiment

11th Artillery Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Kotliarov)

2nd Battery Company (12)
3rd Light Company (12)
4th Light Company (6)

23rd Infantry Division - Major General Bakhmetyev III

1st Brigade

Rylsk Infantry Regiment
Ekaterinburg Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Koporsk Infantry Regiment
18th Jager Regiment

23rd Artillery Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Gulevich)

44th Light Company (12)

2nd Combined Grenadier Brigade - Colonel Ostrovsky (attached to 23rd Infantry Division)

6th Infantry Corps - General Dokhturov

7th Infantry Division - Lieutenant General Kaptsevits

1st Brigade

Pskov Infantry Regiment
Moscow Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Libavsk Infantry Regiment
Sofia Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

11th Jager Regiment 36th Jager Regiment

7th Artillery Brigade 7th (Lieutenant Colonel Develí)

7th Battery Company (12)
12th Light Company (12)
13th Light Company (12)

24th Infantry Division - Major General Likhachev

1st Brigade

Ufa Infantry Regiment
Shirvan Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Butyrsk Infantry Regiment
Tomsk Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

19th Jager Regiment
40th Jager Regiment

24th Artillery Brigade (Lieutenant Colonel Efremov)

24th Battery Company (12)
45th Light Company (12)
46th Light Company (12)

1st Reserve Cavalry Corps - Lieutenant General Uvarov

1st Brigade

Life Guard Dragoon Regiment
Life Guard Uhlan Regiment

2nd Brigade

Life Guard Hussar Regiment
Life Guard Cossack Regiment
Guard Black Sea Sotnya

3rd Brigade

Nezhinsk Dragoon Regiment
Elizavetgrad Hussar Regiment

2nd Horse Artillery Company of the 1st Reserve Artillery Brigade (12)

2nd Reserve Cavalry Corps - Major General Korff

1st Brigade

Pskov Dragoon Regiment
Moscow Dragoon Regiment

2nd Brigade

Izumsk Hussar Regiment
Polish Uhlan Regiment

6th Horse Artillery Company of the 2nd Reserve Artillery Brigade (12)

3rd Reserve Cavalry Corps

1st Brigade

Kurland Dragoon Regiment
Orenburg Dragoon Regiment

2nd Brigade

Siberia Dragoon Regiment
Irkutsk Dragoon Regiment

3rd Brigade

Sumsk Hussar Regiment
Mariupol Hussar Regiment

7th Horse Artillery Company of the 3rd Reserve Artillery Brigade (12)

Main Reserve of the 1st Western Army

5th Infantry Corps - Lieutenant General Lavrov

The Guard - Lieutenant General Lavrov

1st Brigade

Life Guard Preobrazhensk Regiment
Life Guard Semeyonosvk Regiment

2nd Brigade

Life Guard Izmailovsk Regiment
Life Guard Lithuanian Regiment

3rd Brigade

Life Guard Jager Regiment
Life Guard Finland Regiment

Life Guard Artillery Brigade

His Majestyís 1st Battery Company (12)
Arakcheyevís 2nd Battery Company (12)
1st Light Company (12)
2nd Light Company (12)
The Guard Ekipazh (2)

1st Cuirassier Division - Major General Borosdin II

1st Brigade

Cavalry Guard Regiment
Life Guard Cavalry Regiment

2nd Brigade

His Majestyís Life Cuirassier Regiment
Her Majestyís Life Cuirassier Regiment
Astrakhan Cuirassier Regiment

Life Guard Horse Artillery

1st Horse Artillery Company (8)
2nd Horse Artillery Company (8)

1st Artillery Brigade of the 1st Grenadier Division

1st Light Company (12)
2nd Light Company (12)

3rd Artillery Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division

5th Light Company (12)

2nd Reserve Artillery Brigade

29th Battery Company (12)
30th Battery Company (12)
4th Horse Artillery Company (12)
5th Horse Artillery Company (12)
3rd Reserve Artillery Brigade
9th Horse Artillery Company (12)
10th Horse Artillery Company (12)

4th Reserve Artillery Brigade

22th Horse Artillery Company (12)

Cossacks - Ataman Platov†††††††††††

1st Brigade

Andrianov IIís Cossack Regiment
Chernozubov VIIIís Cossack Regiment
Vlasov III's Cossack Regiment
Perekop Tatar Regiment

2nd Brigade

Ilovaisky Vís Cossack Regiment
Grekov XVIIIís Cossack Regiment

3rd Brigade

Denisov VIIís Cossack Regiment
Zhirovís Cossack Regiment

4th Brigade was attached to Wintsegorodeís detachment

5th Brigade

Kharitonov VIIís Cossack Regiment
Simferopol Tatar Regiment

Independent Regiments:

Ataman Don Cossack Regiment
1st Bug Cossack Regiment
1st Bashkiria Cossack Regiment
1st Teptyar Cossack Regiment

2nd Don Horse Artillery Company (12)

GRAND TOTAL for the 1st Western Army - 438 guns

2nd Western Army - General Peter Bagration

7th Infantry Corps, Lieutenant General Rayevsky

12th Infantry Division - Major General† Vasilchikov

1st Brigade

Smolensk Infantry Regiment
Narva Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Aleksopol Infantry Regiment
New Ingerland Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

6th Jager Regiment
41st Jager Regiment

26th Infantry Division - Major General Paskevich

1st Brigade

Nizhegorod Infantry Regiment
Orlov Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Ladoga Infantry Regiment
Poltava Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

5th Jager Regiment
42nd Jager Regiment ††††††††††

26th Artillery Brigade

26th Battery Company (12)
47th Light Company (12)

8th Infantry Corps - Lieutenant General Borozdin

2nd Grenadier Division - Major General Prince Mecklenburg

1st Brigade

Kiev Grenadier Regiment
Moscow Grenadier Regiment

2nd Brigade

Astrakhan Grenadier Regiment
Phanagoria Grenadier Regiment

3rd Brigade

Siberia Grenadier Regiment
Malorossiiskii Grenadier Regiment

2nd Artillery Brigade

11th Battery Company (12)
21st Light Company (4)

27th Infantry Division - Major General Neverovsky

1st Brigade

Odessa Infantry Regiment
Tarnopol Infantry Regiment

2nd Brigade

Vilna Infantry Regiment
Simbirsk Infantry Regiment

3rd Brigade

49th Jager Regiment
50th Jager Regiment

32nd Battery Company (detached from the 3rd Reserve Artillery Brigade) (12)

Combined Grenadier division - Major General Vorontsov

1st Brigade

1st and 2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 7th Infantry Division
1st and 2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 24th Infantry Division

2nd Brigade

1st and 2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 2nd Grenadier Division
1st and 2nd 2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 12th Infantry Division
2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 26th Infantry Division
1st and 2nd 2nd Combined Grenadier Battalions of the 27th Infantry Division

1st Horse Company of the Don Cossack Artillery (12)

Artillery attached to the 8th Corps :

1st Artillery Brigade

3rd Battery Company (12)

3rd Artillery Brigade

1st Battery Company (6)

3rd Reserve Artillery

31st Battery Company (12)

Main Reserve of the 2nd Western Army


12th Artillery Brigade of the 12th Infantry Regiment

12th Battery Company (12)
22nd Light Company (12)
23rd Light Company (12)

2nd Artillery Brigade of the 2nd Grenadier Division

20th Light Company (12)
21st Light Company (8)

23rd Artillery Brigade of the 23rd Infantry Division

23rd Battery Company (12)

26th Artillery Brigade of the 26th Infantry Division

48th Light Company (12)

3rd Reserve Artillery Brigade

4th Engineer Company

Engineer Troops of the 2nd Western Army - Engineer Company of the 2nd Engineer Regiment

2nd Cuirassier Division - Major General Duka

1st Brigade

Ekaterinoslavl Cuirassier Regiment
Ordensk Cuirassier Regiment

2nd Brigade

Glukhov Cuirassier Regiment
Malorossiiskii Cuirassier Regiment
Novgorod Cuirassier Regiment

4th Reserve Cavalry Corps - Major General Syvers

1st Brigade

Kharkov Dragoons Regiment
Chernigov Dragoon Regiment

2nd Brigade

Kiev Dragoon Regiment
Novorossiisk Dragoon Regiment

3rd Brigade

Akhtyrsk Hussars Regiment
Lithuanian Uhlan Regiment

8th Horse Artillery Company of the 3rd Reserve Artillery Brigade (12)††††

Grand Total for the 2nd Western Army: 186 guns

Total strength of Russian artillery at Borodino:

1st Western Army: 438
2nd Western Army: 186
Total: 624





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