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The Development of the Russian Inspectorate, 1762-1806: Bibliography

By Robert Goetz

Published Works

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Unpublished Materials (unpublished translations or excerpts from published works):

Conrad, Mark.  Various entries from Sytin's Voennaya Entsiklopediya and Russkii Biograficheskii Slovar'.

Nafziger, George.  Various Orders of Battle transcribed from assorted sources, particularly “Austro-Russian Corps, 1 June 1799” (from Miliutin, D. A., Count, Istoria vouj Rossi s. Frantsieya, St. Petersburg, 1852), “Anglo-Russian Army, September 1799” (original source not noted), and “Russian Forces Holland, 16 September 1799” (from Gachot, E., Les Campagnes de 1799, Jourdan en Allemagne et Brune en Hollande, Perrin et Cie. 1906).



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