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The Saxon Army 1810 - 13

Part II: The Cavalry

By Howard Giles

Sketches by Geoff Gibbs

The Saxon army enjoyed a high proportion of cavalry to infantry, 8 Regiments of horse to 11 of foot. This reflected the good cavalry country in Saxony and the consequent high quality of horseflesh. After the 1806 campaign, many French cavalrymen had been remounted on German horses.

Light Cavalry

The Light Cavalry consisted of 4 Regiments of Chevaulegers and 1 of Hussars. These were entitled:

Prinz Clemens (Clement) Regiment
Prinz Johann (John) Regiment
Prinz Albrecht (Albert) Regiment
Polenz Regiment

The Chevauleger Regiments had a strength of 670 men, in 4 squadrons, whilst the Hussars followed the fashion of the period by maintaining 8 squadrons of approximately 100 men. The Prinz Clemens Regiment was armed with lances in 1812 and its title changed to 'Prinz Clemens Uhlanen'.

The Light Cavalry suffered severely in Russia, only 12 officers and 14 men of the Prinz Johann Regiment returned (many men having been captured at the Berezina). Along with the Prinz Albrecht and Polenz Regiments, which were wiped out, the Prinz Johann Chevaulegers were not re-raised. Most of the Prinz Clemens Regiment was captured, and few survived of the rest. All fit survivors of the four Regiments helped constitute a fifth squadron of the reformed Prinz Clemens Regiment during 1813.

The Hussars also virtually ceased to exist, but were re-raised in time for the 1813 autumn campaign.






Saxon Chevaulegers

Uniforms for the Cheveauleger were cut in a similar style to those of French Chasseurs.


Regiment Colour
Prinz Clemens Light Green
Prinz Johann Black
Prinz Albrecht Dark Blue
Polenz Blue

Shako: Plain black with white cords and tall white plume, brass plate and chin scales, white cockade with gold lace.

Tunic: Red, with collar, cuffs and lapels in facing colour.

Saxon Cockade

Saxon Cockade


Breeches: White. Leather reinforced grey overalls were worn on campaign.

Gloves: White.

Belts: A white leather belt worn over the left shoulder supported the carbine and cartouche box, and a white leather waist belt supported the sabre.

Boots: Black leather knee boots.

Sabre/Scabbard: Steel. Silver sword knot.

Saxon Light Cavalry Shabraque

Saxon Light Cavalry Shabraque

Shabraque: Red, with border in facing colour in 'wolf-tooth' style, edged yellow.

Portmanteaux: Red with yellow lace.

Uniform Distinctions:

Officers: Gold epaulettes, black belts with 4 stripes of gold lace inlaid lengthwise, and a gold chain. Brass coronet band around top of shako, gold tassel and piping on hessian boots, gold edged shabraque, gold buttons. Black leather scabbard with gilt fittings.

NCOs: Brass band around top of shako.

Trumpeters: Tunic and shoulder straps in facing colour, red facings edged yellow (Prinz Johann Regiment - buff tunic). Red shako with yellow band around the top, black chevrons, white cords, tall red plume, white cockade with gold lace, red and white trumpet cords.


Campaign Dress

Prince Clemens Uhlans


The Hussars

Were uniformed as follows:

Saxon Hussar Trooper

Saxon Hussar Trooper

Shako: Plain black, white cords, tall white plume, white cockade with gold lace, brass plate and chin scales.

Dolman/Pelisse: Light blue with black facings, edged white.

Breeches: Light blue with 2 white stripes down the outside leg, and white bastion ended lace.

Buttons: White metal.

Sash: Wide red and white vertical stripes.

Gloves: White.

Shoulder belt: White leather.

Boots: Black hessian style knee boots, edged with white lace and a black tassel.

Sabre/Scabbard: Steel. Silver sword knot.

Sabretache: Light blue, with a black border edged white in 'wolftooth' style.

Portmanteaux: Light blue.

Officers distinctions: Blue sabretache with silver lace, silver lace chevrons on pelisse, dolman and breeches. Silver shako fittings.





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