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The Saxon Army 1810 - 13

Part II: The Artillery

By Howard Giles

Sketches by Geoff Gibbs


1810 - 1812

During this period, the field army was supported by four batteries of foot artillery and two of horse. Each consisted of four 6-pounder guns and two 8-pounder howitzers. This firepower was supplemented by Regimental 4-pounders.


Mnay of the guns taken into Russia were lost (Hiller's horse battery lost their guns somewhat ignominiously by sinking into a swamp during the retreat). During spring/summer 1813, the Saxon army, and its artillery, were brought up to strength and by August fielded 5 foot and 2 horse batteries. Apart from the Corps reserve 12-pounder batter, all cannon were of 6-pounder calibre, whilst howitzers were 8-pounders. Foot batteries were increased to 6 guns and 2 howitzer, whilst horse batteries continued to have 4 guns and 2 howitzers.

The woodwork on guns and limbers were painted grey, and caissons black with red covers. Fittings were of yellow metal.

Foot Artillery Uniforms

Styled on the French pattern, the uniform was as follows;

Shako: Plain black, with tall red plume, red cords, white cockade with gold lace, brass plate and chin scales. Shako cover on campaign, with a red pompom.

Tunic: Green faced red, red piping on turnbacks and shoulder straps. Pointed cuffs and shoulder straps.

Breeches: White. Grey trousers on campaign.

Gaiters: Short black gaiters.

Buttons: Brass.

Crpssbelts: White leather. Equipment as for infantry.

Pack: Brown calfskin with white leather straps.

Greatcoat: Grey.

Uniform Distinctions: White sword knot for Officers. Rest as for Line Infantry.


Foot Artillery Officer
Foot Artillery Gunner


Saxon Foot Artillery

Horse Artillery Uniforms

The uniform was of the same cut as the chevaulegers.

Shako: Plain black, tall red plume, red cords, white cockade with gold lace, brass plate and chin scales, cloth cover and pompom on campaign.

Tunic: Green, faced red. Red piping on shoulder straps, red turnbacks, pointed cuffs.

Breeches: White. Grey trousers on campaign witha red stripe down each leg.

Boots: Black knee boots.

Buttons: Brass.

Belts: White leather belt over left shoulder supporting a black leather cartouche box, white leather waistbelt with a buckle, supporting the sabre.

Sabre/Scabbard: Steel. Silver sword knot.

Shabraque: Green, with red border in 'wolf-tooth' style, edged yellow.

Portmanteauz: Green with yellow lace.

Uniform Distinctions:

Officers: As for Cheveaulegers, but with gold grenades on turnbacks and red piping on tails. White sword knote. Gilt epee, black scabbard with gilt fittings. Green shabraque edged yellow tih 2 red stripes.

NCOs: Brass band around the top of the shako.

Trumpeters: Ted tunic faced green, piped yellow. No information is available on the shako, although it is reasonable to assume it would conform to the Light Cavalry pattern. Brass trumpet.


Horse Artillery Officer
Horse Artillery Gunner
Horse Artillery Trumpeter


Trumpeter, Campaign Dress

Saxon Horse Artillery

Artillery Train

One company of the artillery train battalion was allocated to each battery. The uniform was virtually identical to the French pattern.

Shako: Plain black, white pompom and cords, brass chin scales and plate. Oilskin cover on campaign.

Tunic: Sky blue habit-veste, sky blue shoulder straps, black facings.

Breeches: White. Grey trousers on campaign.

Boots: Black knee boots.

Buttons: Brass.

Belts: White leather shoulder and waistbelt.

Sabre/Scabbard: Steel.

Officer Distinctions: Silver epaulettes, round cuffs, collar and cuffs black edged light blue. Light blue turnbacks edged red. Black boots with white tassel. White swordknot. Gilt sabre and black scabbard. White waist-belt with brass plate bearing coat of arms. White shoulder-belt with gold fittings. Light blue shabraque with black border and white 'wolves teeth".





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