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Composition and strength of the Russian Armies at the Beginning of 1812: Bibliography

By Alexander Mikaberidze, Chairman of the Napoleonic Society of Georgia


Primary Sources   

Report of M.B. Barclay de Tolly dated 10 July 1812, the Russian State Military Historical Archive (RSMHA), f. 154, op. 1, d. 84, p. 3-6

Reports of P. I. Bagration and D. P. Neverovsky dated 13 June 1812, RSMHA, f. 154, op. 1, d. 84, p. 13-16

Report of A. P. Tormasov dated 22 June, 1812, Otechestvennaia voina 1812 g.: Materiali Voenno-Uchebnogo arkhiva Glavnogo Shtaba (Patriotic War of 1812: materials of Military - Academic Archive of the Headquarters), vol. 13, pp.160-163

Report of I.N. Essen dated 2 July, 1812, RSMHA, f. VUA, d. 3520, p. 206-207

Report of E. I. Meller-Zakomel'sky dated 2 July, 1812, Materiali Voenno-Uchebnogo arkhiva, vol. 17, pp.352

Report of F.F. Ertel' dated 22 June, 1812, Materiali Voenno-Uchebnogo arkhiva, vol. 17, pp.61. Prior to 6 June, Ertel's Corps was often called as "Reserve Army".

Report dated 14 August, 1812, Gosudartsvennaya publichnaya biblioteka im. M.E. Saltikova-Shedrina, rukopisnii otdel, f. 993, arkhiv P.K. Sukhtelena, p. 323

Report of P. V. Tchichagov to the Tsar dated 17 July 1812, Materiali Voenno-Uchebnogo arkhiva, v


Secondary Sources

Beskrovny, L.G. Otechestvennaia voina 1812 goda (The Patriotic War of 1812) Moscow, 1962.

Muratov, N.P. 1812g. - istoricheski obzor Otechestvennoi voini i eie prichin (The year of 1812 - Historical Survey of Patriotic War and It's Reasons), Tambov, 1912.

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Rostunov, I.I. General Bagration Moscow, 1956.

Shvedov, S.V. Komplektovania, chislenost' i poteri Russkoi armii v 1812 g. (Organization, Strength and Losses of the Russian Army in 1812) Istoria SSSR, 1987, N4, p. 125

Tarle, E.V. Nashestvie Napoleona v Rossiiu, 1812g. (Napoleon's Invasion of Russia, 1812) Moscow, 1941.

Voronovsky, V.M. Otechestvennaia voina 1812 g. v predelakh Smolenskoi gubernii (The Patriotic War of 1812 in Smolensk Gubernia) St. Petersburg, 1912.

Zhilin, P.A. Gibel' Napoleonovskoi armii v Rossii (Destruction of Napoleon's Army in Russia) Moscow, 1974.



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