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Austerlitz Tour: Order of Battle

By William Peterson

La Grande Armée

Emperor Napoleon I

Imperial Guard
Marshal Bessières

Grenadiers à pied, Chasseurs à pied, Royal Italian Guard:
Grenadiers à cheval, Chasseurs à cheval, Mameluks:
Artillery of the Imperial Guard:

3,885 infantry
1,129 cavalry
24 guns

Grenadiers de la Réserve

10 battalions

4,655 infantry
8 guns

I Corps
Marshal Bernadotte

1st Division (Rivaud de la Raffinière)
2nd Division (Drouet)

10,861 infantry
22 guns

III Corps
Marshal Davout

2nd Division (Friant)
4th Dragoon Division (Bourcier)

3,200 infantry
830 cavalry
12 guns

IV Corps
Marshal Soult

1st Division (Saint Hilaire)
2nd Division (Vandamme)
3rd Division (Legrand)
4th Light Cavalry Division (Margaron)
3rd Dragoon Division (Beaumont)

22,736 infantry
2,656 cavalry
38 guns

V Corps
Marshal Lannes

3rd Division (Suchet)
1st Division (attached from III Corps) (Caffarelli)
2nd Dragoon Division

12,818 infantry
1,133 cavalry
23 guns

Corps des Réserves de Cavalerie
Marshal Murat

1st Heavy Cavalry Division (Nansouty)
2nd Heavy Cavalry Division (d'Hautpoul)
Light cavalry Brigade (Milhaud)
I Corps Light Cavalry Division (Kellermann)
V Corps Light Cavalry Division (Fauconnet)

5,810 cavalry
12 guns

Grand Parc d'Artillerie

(deployed on the Santon)

18 guns

Combined Russian and Austrian Army

Tsar Alexander I of Russia
General Kutusov
Feldmarschall-Leutnant Prince John of Liechtenstein
Emperor Francis II of Austria

Advance Guard of I Column

2,450 Austrian infantry
1,735 Austrian cavalry
500 Russian cavalry
12 guns

I Column

7,752 Russian infantry
64 guns

II Column

9,923 Russian infantry
360 Russian cavalry
30 guns

III Column

5,448 Russian infantry
30 guns

IV Column
Milarodovich and Kolowrat

9,124 Austrian infantry
2,975 Russian infantry
76 guns

V Column

1,025 Austrian cavalry
3,597 Russian cavalry
24 guns

Advance Guard of the Army

7,768 Russian infantry
3,982 Russian cavalry
42 guns

Russian Imperial Guard
Grand Duke Constantine

Preobrazhensky, Semenovsky, Izmailovsky, Guard Grenadier Regiments, Guard Jaegers:

5,500 infantry

Guard Hussars, Guard Cossacks, Garde du Corps Cuirassiers, Chevalier Garde Regiment:

2,600 cavalry
40 guns



Placed on the Napoleon Series: June 2000


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