Research: Abstract of the Napoleonic Era

Geography: Confederation of the Rhine: Population, Land, Trade, etc. Circa 1790s

Extent in square miles ... 197,000
Number of inhabitants ... 25,000,000
Number of persons to a square mile ... 128
Extent in English acres ... 126,000,000
Number of acres to one person ... 5
Number of acres in cultivation ... 90,000,000
Revenue in pounds sterling ... 14,000,000
Land forces in time of peace ... 120,000
Ditto, in time of war ... 260,000
Extent of sea coat, none
Number of inhabitants in the capital ... 254,000
Amount of exports to England   ... 950,000
Amount of imports from England ... 1,420,000
Great Divisions of the country, 6 Electorates, 16 Principalities, 11 Electoral States. Lesser ditto, 4 Imperial free cities, and Imperial, Prussian, Swedish, and Danish territories, in all 41
Chief towns, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburgh, Liege, Munich, Franckfort.
Longitude of central point of the country, 12º east
Latitude of ditto, 50º north
Longitude of the capital, 16º 22' east
Latitude of ditto, 48º 12' north
Religion, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Calvinist, upon a equal footing
Amount of taxes on each individual, 11s 2d


Source: Playfair, William. Statistical Breviary London: T. Bensley, 1801.

Provided by Tom Holmberg

Placed on the Napoleon Series: February 2007

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