Research: Abstract of the Napoleonic Era

Government Finances.
France:  Income from Special Funds in An 12 (22 September 1803 - 21 September 1804)

General summary of the receipts made in An 12, by the Treasury, as well on the discharge of this year as on the postponed discharge for the years 8, 9, 10 and 11

Note: All monies are in Francs.

Additional Taxes 25,736,221
Two Ten Percent Taxes on Licences 357,638
Road Maintenance Tax 16,330,481
Military Sales of Effects 180,293
Notices in Law Bulletins 313,324
Notary Fees 2,055,911
Cash for Fields 277,942
Granting of Navigation Rights 532,096
Boat Licenses 319,067
Fines for Desertion 22,241
Fees for Communal Woods 16,858
Total 44,142,072



Ferrière, Alexandre de, chef du bureau de statistique au ministère de l'Interieur, ed. Archives statistiques de la France: Juin/Juil. 1804-Déc. 1804/Janv. 1805. Paris: Archives Statistiques de la France, 1805.


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