Research: Abstract of the Napoleonic Era

Government Finances.
France:  Total Special Expenditures in An 12 (22 September 1803 - 21 September 1804)

General summary of expenditures made in An 12, by the Treasury, as well on discharge of this year as on the late discharges of Ans 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Note: All monies are in Francs.

Intérieur 38,075,245
Finance 2,859,228
Other Additions 40,932,473
Public Treasury 1,937,247
Justice 1,198,558
Total 44,068,278





Ferrière, Alexandre de, chef du bureau de statistique au ministère de l'Interieur, ed. Archives statistiques de la France: Juin/Juil. 1804-Déc. 1804/Janv. 1805. Paris: Archives Statistiques de la France, 1805.


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