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Army: Order for Distributing the Prize Money Paid to the British Army for Campaigning in Spain and France: 1809 - 1814

The General Staff and departments of the army, the Officers and men of the royal artillery and engineers, including the corps of royal artillery drivers, and the department of the ord-nance and the cavalry of every description, between the 1st and 28th days of February 1816.

The corps of infantry of every description, from the 1st regiment of foot guards, to the 50th foot, both inclusive, between the 1st and 31st March 1816.  The remaining corps of  infantry, from the 51st regiment to the 7th line battalion King’s German Legion, between the 1st and 30th April 1816, and all individuals belonging to departments and corps be-fore mentioned, or their assigns or representatives who may not have had it in their power to receive the shares to which they are entitled, within the period before specified, are to apply for the same between  the 1st and 30th May next ; after which date no further payments will be made by the distributing Agent, as all unclaimed shares and balance must then be paid to Chelsea Hospital : and it is thought right to apprize all parties concerned, that from the extent and complication of the distribution, a period of one or two months may probably elapse before the books can be made up so as to enable the Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital to commence any payments of unclaimed balances.





Source: Caledonian Mercury, Edinburgh, 1 February 1816.


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