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Great Britain: Composition of a Carcase

Valenciennes (Note 1)
Corned Powder: 30 Pounds
Saltpetre: 5 Pounds
Saltpetre: 50 Pounds
Swedish Pitch: 12 Pounds
Sulphur: 2 Pounds
Sulphur: 24 Pounds
Saltpetre: 6 Pounds
Antimony: 8 Ounces
Antimony: 18 Pounds
Tallow: 3 Pounds Rosin: 1 Pound Rosin: 5 Pounds
  Tallow: 8 Ounces  


1. A Valenciennes composition, was used by the Austrians at the siege of that place. It had the effect of making shells act like a carcasse after it burst.                          


The Little Bombardier and Pocket Gunner London: T Egerton; 1801. P. 51


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