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Great Britain: Authorized Substitute Rations for an Officer or Soldier in 1799    

Note: The following ration is authorized when small species (i.e. other than meat or bread) is not available.

Flour or Bread 1.5 Pounds
Beef 1.5 Pounds
Pork (in lieu of Beef) 10 Ounces

The following items, by themselves, were also considered to be a complete daily ration:

Beef 3 Pounds
Cheese (in lieu of Beef) 2 Pounds
Rice (in lieu of Beef or Cheese) 1/2 Pound

For example: A soldier was authorized 3 pounds of beef or 2 pounds of cheese or 1/2 pound of rice.




The Little Bombardier and Pocket Gunner London: T Egerton; 1801. P. 182


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