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Vascos contra Napoleon: Archival and Primary Source Documents

By Juanjo Sanchez Arreseigor

This is the complete list of documents and archives used for the book Vascos contra Napoleon (Basques against Napoleón), write by Juanjo Sanchez Arreseigor, published by Editorial Acts, Madrid, 2009. The book concentrates in the history of the Basque Country during the Napoleonic invasion of Spain (Peninsular Campaign or War of Independence), but also includes the previous and immediately following events, from the First Coalition War against the French Revolution (called in Spain the War of the Convention) to the fall of Napoleon and the consequences of the conflict.  This list has not been published in the printed edition because of space, since it would occupy almost other 50 pages in a book that already had 470 pages.

The documents are ordered by the origin archive. The numbers in brackets at the end of each annotation indicate the chapter of the book in which that document has been used. Sometimes the same signature appears on two or more different documents. Is not a mistake because is the collective signature of boxes, dossiers or document collections bound like books in which you can find aglomerations of different papers.



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