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British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars: the Militia Regiments

By Robert Burnham


Bourne, George. My Military Career by Lt. George Bourne 85th Foot 1804-18.  Godmanchester: Ken Trotman; 2005. 90 pages.

Notes: was in North Lincoln Militia and 7th Garrison Regiment; transferred to 85th Regiment in 1807; was part of Walcheren Expedition; stayed behind as a recruiting officer when the regiment went to the Peninsula in 1811.

Calladine, G. Colour Sergeant Calladine. Darlington: Napoleonic Archive; ND.

Notes: Derbyshire Militia in 1805 - 1811.

Dobbs, John. Recollections of an Old 52nd Man. Staplehurst: Spellmount; 2000. 101 pages.

Notes: Joined the Armagh Militia in 1806 and was commissioned in the 2nd Battalion 52nd Light Infantry in 1808. Served in Swedish expedition in 1808; Corunna Campaign in 1809; Walcheren in 1809; Peninsula from 1810 - 1814. Commanded a company of the 5th Cacadores in 1813; and claims to be the last British officer wounded in the Peninsula War, on 14 April 1814.

Gavin, William. The Diary of William Gavin, Ensign and Quartermaster 71st Highland Regiment, 1806-1815: Being His Daily Note o His Campaigns in South Africa, South America, Portugal, Spain, Southern France, and Flanders, under Sir David Baird, Sir William Beresford, Sir John Moore, and the Duke of Wellington. Gareth Glover (ed.). Godmanchester: Ken Trotman: 2012. 102 pages.

Notes: 71st Foot; commissioned in 1811 from the ranks; served in Peninsula from July 1811 - April 1814; at Waterloo.

Green, William. Where Duty Calls Me: The Experiences of William Green of Lutterworth in the Napoleonic Wars.  John and Dorothea Teague  (ed.). West Wickham: Synjon Books; 1975. 72 pages.

Notes: Enlisted in the Leicester Militia in 1803. Joined the 95th in 1805. Served in Germany, 1805; Copenhagen, 1807; campaign in Spain 1808 - 1809, including Corunna; served with 1st Battalion in Peninsula from 1809 - 1812; wounded at siege of Badajoz and invalided home. was a company bugler.

Hale, James. The Journal of James Hale: Late Serjeant in the ninth Regiment of Foot Windsor: IX Regiment; 1998. PB; 139 pages.

Notes: Enlisted in Royal North Gloucester Regiment in 1801; volunteered for the 9th in 1807; Rolica, Vimiero, and Walcheren; Peninsula from 1810 1813; wounded at San Sebastian and invalided home.

Ross-Lewin, Harry. With the Thirty-Second in the Peninsular and Other Campaigns Cambridge: Ken Trotman; 2000. 368 Pages. ISBN: 0-946879-86-9

Notes: Served as an enlisted volunteer in the Limerick Militia. Served in West Indies, Copenhagen, Roliça, Vimeiro, Corunna, & Walcheren; returned to Peninsula in 1811; Quatre Bras & Waterloo.


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