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British Memoirs of the Napoleonic Wars: the Lisbon Commandant

By Robert Burnham

Major General Marmaduke Peacocke was the commandant of Lisbon from 22 June 1809- April 1814. These sources are either by him or to him.

McIntosh, Aeneas. "Letter to Major General Peacocke, Commandant of Lisbon, dated 28 October 1811" in The Texas Papers: a Collection of Peninsular War Letters, Written by Various Senior British & Portuguese Officers held at the Woodson Research Centre, Rice University, Texas. edited by Gareth Glover. Godmanchester: Ken Trotman, 2010. Page 45

Notes: Lieutenant Colonel McIntosh was in the 85th Foot and accused of forcing a sentinel to access a place to sleep. This letter is explanation of the events.


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