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Sources on the Campaigns of 1806 & 1807

Compiled by Robert Goetz

English Language Sources

Goltz, Colmar, Freiherr von der. Jena to Eylau, the Disgrace and the Redemption of the Old-Prussian Army; a Study in Military History, New York : E. P. Dutton and Company; London: K. Paul, Trench, Trübner & co. ltd., 1913. Reprinted by Demi-Solde Press, 1999.

Goltz provides an analysis of the campaign from the aftermath of Jena through the battle of Eylau, focusing on the Prussian army's collapse and subsequent vital contribution at Eylau. Maude's Jena Campaign ends with a specific reference to this volume as a resource for following the pursuit after Jena, making it an excellent companion piece to Maude (see below).

Hourtoulle, F.G. Jena, Auerstadt: The Triumph of the Eagle Paris : Histoire & Collections, 1998.

Hourtoulle provides a nice recent work, lavishly illustrated with detailed OOBs and uniform illustrations. The brief background of the campaign that he provides is a bit one-sided and superficial, but the descriptions of the battles themselves are quite detailed and very thorough.

Maude, F. N. (Frederic Natusch) The Jena campaign, 1806 (Special Campaign Series, no. 9), London : S. Sonnenschein; New York : The Macmillan company, 1909; London : Greenhill Books/Stackpole Books, 1998.

Maude provides an excellent analysis of the campaign through Jena and Auerstadt. His work provides more analysis and fewer details than Petre or Hortoulle, but goes a long way towards explaining the reasons of the Prussian debacle. He concludes with a specific reference to von der Goltz's Jena to Eylau for a description of the pursuit after Jena, making the two volumes excellent companion pieces.

Petre, F. Loraine. Napoleon's Conquest of Prussia 1806 London : John Lane; New York : John Lane Company, 1907; London : Greenhill Books ; California : Presidio Press, 1993.

Petre, F. Loraine Napoleon's Campaign in Poland, 1806-1807 London: S. Low, Marston and Company, limited, 1901; London : J. Lane, 1907; New York : Hippocrene Books, 1975; London : Arms and Armour Press, 1976; London: Greenhill Books/Stackpole Books, 1989.

Petre provides a thorough history of the campaign, detailing operations up to and including the battles of Jena and Auerstadt as well as the pursuit in Prussia. In Poland, Petre provides the best overall summary of the campaign in Poland available in English. Overall Poland is not bad, but there are errors in detail, including some errors that I have to consider are simply sloppiness on his part (this was his first effort at writing history). For example, he consistently refers to a Russian General Litow when he means General Titow, which seems to be a misreading of the old German typeface used in Hoepfner's Der Krieg von 1806 u. 1807. No other English-language account provides as much detail as Petre and overall his analysis is fair and reasonably balanced.

Wilson, Sir Robert. Brief remarks on the Character and Composition of the Russian Army, and a Sketch of the Campaigns in Poland in the Years 1806 and 1807 London, Printed by C. Roworth, and sold by T. Egerton, 1810; Reprinted as Campaigns in Poland Worley Publications, 2000.

Wilson, Sir Robert. I Must "Go A Hunting" Frenchmen, An Englishman's Journal during the War of the Fourth Coalition 1806-1807 Demi-Solde Press.

Wilson is rather rabidly anti-French and tends to take Russian claims at face value, however outrageous they might be, and then poke fun at equally outrageous French claims as published in bulletins. Given that is was originally published in 1810, it should be taken in the context of propaganda, but it also offers an excellent counterbalance to the more accessible and equally biased French perspective on the campaign. Especially valuable are the translations of French bulletins and Russian and Prussian documents that comprise the appendices in Brief Remarks.

German Language Sources

Bichler, Karl-Horst. Napoleons Krieg gegen Preussen und Sachsen 1806 Reinbek (Germany): Einhorn-Presse-Verlag, 1998.

Goltz, Colmar, Freiherr von der. Von Jena bis Pr. Eylau Berlin: E.S. Mittler und sohn, 1907.

See comments on the English edition above.

Goltz, Colmar, Freiherr von der. Von Rossbach bis Jena und Auerstedt Berlin, E. S. Mittler und sohn, 1906.

Höpfner, Eduard von, Der Krieg von 1806 und 1807 4 Vols. Berlin : S. Schrop, 1850-1851; Reprinted by LTR-Verlag GmbH, 1991 in 4 vols + 1 Map volume.

Hoepfner's Der Krieg von 1806 und 1807 (1851) is a dense, detailed study of the campaign that attempts to provide detail on the regimental level where possible. In good Prussian style, Hoepfner sticks to the facts and relates them in a way that even a non-German speaker can decipher most of the time.

Lettow-Vorbeck, Oscar von. Der Krieg von 1806 und 1807 4 Vols., Berlin, E.S. Mittler und Sohn, 1891-96.

Lettow-Vorbeck's Der Krieg von 1806 und 1807 is the intellectual offspring of Hoepfner's work of the same name. Lettow provides a bit less detail than Hoepfner, but far more analysis, with comparisons of the various sources on the campaign, including Plotho, Hoepfner, Foucart and Mikhailovskii-Danilevskii. It stands as the definitive campaign study in German.

Plotho, Carl von. Tagebuch wahrend des Krieges Zwischen Russland und Preussen Berlin: Friedrich Braunes, 1811.

Plotho, a German serving with the Russian army, provides good detail on the campaign from the Russian/Prussian side. Plotho's account is the main source for both Hoepfner and Lettow-Vorbeck on Russian activities on the Narew-Ukra. Plotho's account suffers a bit from a limited perspective and a tendency to be frustratingly imprecise.

French Language Sources

Bennigsen, Leonty Leontyevich, count von. Mémoires du Général Bennigsen 3 vols. [edited by du Capitaine du génie breveté E. Cazales de l'état-major de l'armée], Paris : Charles-Lavauzelle, 1907-1908.

This consists of a series of writings of Bennigsen from immediately after the campaign had ended, with considerable annotation by Cazales. The Cazales annotation includes entire paragraphs from Lettow-Vorbeck to provide additional detail or to refute Bennigsen's claims. As with any memoirs, they are not always factual, but they provide considerable insight into Bennigsen and the Russian operations in General. Vols. 1 and 2 cover the 1806-7 campaign.

Davout, Louis Nicolas, duc d'Auerstaedt et prince d'Eckmuhl. Operations du 3eme Corps: 1806-1807 Rapport du Marechal Davout, Duc d'Auerstädt Paris, C. Levy, 1896.

This is the campaign journal of III Corps detailing all operations of the corps. Foucart included large portions of Davout's journal in his collections of documents.

Foucart, Paul Jean. Campagne de Prusse (1806) d'apres les archives de la guerre 2 vols Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1887-1895.

Foucart, Paul Jean. La cavalerie pendant la campagne de Prusse (7 octobre - 7 novembre 1806) d'apres les archives de la guerre Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1880.

Foucart, Paul Jean. Campagne de Pologne: novembre-decembre 1806-janvier 1807 (Pultusk et Golymin) d'apres les archives de la guerre 2 Vols. Paris, Librairie militaire Berger-Levrault, 1882.

Foucart transcribed orders emanating from Napoleon's HQ and reports sent in by the commanders. He also provided explanatory notes to set the context. These volumes are essential for serious research and are much more accessible than the original documents. Unfortunately this series only covers through 31 January 1807.

Hortoulle, F. G. La bataille d'iena auerstaedt le triomphe de l'aigle Paris: Histoire & Collections, 1998.

See description of the English edition above.

Lechartier, G. La Manoeuvre de Pultusk Paris: Librairie Militaire R. Chapelot et Cie, 1911.

Le Commandant de l'artillerie breveté G. Lechartier de la section historique de l'etat-major de l'armée (as he is identified on the title page) has written what appears to be the definitive French analysis of the Pultusk phase of the campaign.

Thiry, Jean, Baron. Eylau, Friedland, Tilsit Paris. Editions Berger-Levrault, 1964.

Zvegintsov, V. V. (Vladimir Vladimirovich). L'Armée russe [Russkaia Armiia], Part 4 -1801-1825, Paris: Viroflay, l'auteur, 15 rue Arthur-Petit, 1973-1978.

While generally about the Russian army, Russkaia Armiia provides some description of the campaign as well as details on army organization. It was produced with both Russian and French text with separate pagination in the same volume.

Russian Language Sources

Mikhailovskii-Danilevskii, Aleksandr Ivanovich. Opisanie vtoroi voiny imperatora Aleksandra s Napoleonom v 1806 i 1807 godakh St. Petersburg, 1846. (Relation of the Second War of Tsar Alexander with Napoleon in 1806 and 1807)

Zhurnal voennykh deistvii imperatorskoi rossiiskoi armiia s nachala do okontsaniia kampanii i e noiabria 1806 do 7 iulia 1807 g. [Journal Voennykh Deystviy Imperatorskoy Rossiyskoy Armii], Sankt-Peterburg, 1807; St. Petersburg, 1810.

This is the official Journal of the operations (Journal of Military Actions of Imperial Russian Army). Wilson has translated substantial portions of this in the appendices of Brief Remarks.

Zvegintsov, V. V. (Vladimir Vladimirovich). Russkaia Armiia [L'Armée russe]. Part 4 -1801-1825, Paris: Viroflay, l'auteur, 15 rue Arthur-Petit, 1973-1978.

While generally about the Russian army, Russkaia Armiia provides some description of the campaign as well as details on army organization. It was produced with both Russian and French text with separate pagination in the same volume.

Some Useful Memoirs

Coignet, Jean-Roch. The Note-books of Captain Coignet : Soldier of the Empire London P. Davies, limited 1928; London: Greenhill Books/Stackpole Books, 1998. Also see: Les cahiers du Capitaine Coignet, Paris: Hachette et Cie., 1888; Paris: 1894; Paris : Hachette, 1912; Paris: Hachette, 1957.

Von Marengo bis Waterloo; Memoiren. Bearb. von G. Rummler. Mit einer Studie uber das Napoleonische Veteranentum von P. Holzhausen, Stuttgart, Lutz [1910].

Davydov, Denis. In the Service of the Tsar against Napoleon : the Memoirs of Denis Davidov, 1806-1814 translated and edited by Gregory Troubetzkoy. London : Greenhill Books/Stackpole Books, 1999.

Davydov provides a colorful look at the Russian side, including descriptions of his experiences at the action of Wolfsdorf, Eylau and Tilsit.

Ermolov, A. P. (Aleksiei Petrovich). Zapiski A.P. Ermolova, 1798-1826 Moskva : "Vysshaia shkola", 1991.

Löwenstern, Eduard von. Mit Graf Pahlens Reiteri gegen Napoleon: Denkwürdigkeiten des russischen Generals Eduard von Löwenstern (1790-1837) Berlin: Ernst Siegfried Mittler und Sohn, 1910.

Löwenstern was another German officer in the Russian army, on Graf Pahlen's staff (3rd Division cavalry initially).

Marbot, Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Marcelin, baron de. The Memoirs of Baron de Marbot, [tr. by Arthur John Butler], London, New York, Longmans, Green and Co., 1892; London, 1907, London : New York : Longmans, Green, 1913. There are also many other full and abridged editions under various titles. Also see: Memoires du general Baron de Marbot Paris, E. Plon, Nourrit et cie, 1892; Paris : Mercure de France, 1983. Memoiren des General Marcellin Marbot Stuttgart, R. Lutz, 1907.

Marbot is immensely readable, though somewhat romanticized. His description of the actions of VII Corps are of particular interest.

Parquin, Denis Charles. Napoleon's victories; from the personal memoirs of Capt. C. Parquin, of the Imperial guard, 1803-1814 Chicago: The Werner Co., 1893. Reprinted as Napoleon's Army [Translated and edited by B.T. Jones], London, Longmans, 1969; Hamden, CT: Archon Books, 1969; London: Greenhill Books, 1987. Also see: Souvenirs du commandant Parquin Paris : J. Tallandier, c1979. Unter Napoleons fahnen; feldzugs- erinnerungen eines alten soldaten des kaiserreichs, 1803-1814 [von Major Parquin] [Heausgegeben und mit anmerkungen versehen von generalmajor z. D. v. Werlhof.], Berlin: K. Siegismund, 1910.

Rapp, Jean, comte. Memoirs of General Count Rapp, First Aide-de-Camp to Napoleon London, H. Colburn and Co., 1823; Ken Trotman, Cambridge, 1985. Also see: Memoires du general Rapp, aide-de-camp de Napoleon Paris, Bossange freres, 1823.

Rapp's memoirs are direct and to the point. They read like an after-action report in stark contrast to the more descriptive style of Marbot and others.



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