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A Peninsular War E-Text Bibliography of Memoirs

By Caroline Miley



Eighteenth-Century Resources — History

Paul Halsall’s Modern History Sourcebook  

Napoleonic Literature


Anon History of the Campaigns of the British Forces in Spain and Portugal

Anon Journal of an Officer in the King’s German Legion

Anon Memoirs of a sergeant, late in the forty-third light infantry regiment

Anderson Recollections of a Peninsular Veteran

Batty Campaign of the Western Pyrenees  

Batty Historical Sketch of the Campaign of 1815

Blayney Lord Blayney's Narrative  

Blaze Recollections of an Officer of Napoleon's Army

Carter Curiosities of war and military studies

Castlereagh Memoirs and Correspondence

Coignet The Note-Books of Captain Coignet: Soldier of the Empire

Clinton A Few Remarks, Explanatory of the Motives which Guided the Operations of the British Army

Cole Memoirs of British generals distinguished during the Peninsular War

Craufurd General Craufurd and his light division etc

Daniel Journal of an Officer in the Commissariat Department of the Army

De Brack Cavalry Outpost Duties

Donaldson Recollections of an Eventful Life

Fitzclarence A manual of out-post duties

Gleig The Light Dragoon

Gomm Letters and journals of Field-Marshal Sir William Maynard Gomm

Gronow Reminiscences of captain Gronow, anecdotes of the camp, the court, and the clubs

Gurwood The dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington

Guthrie Commentaries on the surgery of the war in Portugal, Spain, France, and the Netherlands

Guthrie Treatise on Gun-shot Wounds

Halleck Elements of Military Art and Science

Hamilton Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns: From MDCCCVIII to MDCCCXIV

Headley The Imperial Guard of Napoleon  

Hope Despatch after the Battle of Corunna

Jones Account of the War in Spain and Portugal, and the South of France, from 1808, to 1814

Kincaid Adventures in the Rifle Brigade

Larpent The Private Journal of F. Seymour Larpent: during the Peninsular War, from 1812 to its close

Lejeune Memoirs of Baron Lejeune

Leslie The Services of the Royal Regiment of Artillery in the Peninsular War 1808 to 1814

Maempel Adventures of a Young Rifleman in the French and English Armies

Maginn Miscellaneous Writings

Malcolm Reminiscences of a Campaign in the Pyrenees and the South of France in 1814

Marbot The Memoirs of Baron de Marbot

Marcel Campaigns of Captain Marcel

Maurice The Diary of Sir John Moore

Moore A Narrative of the Campaign of the British Army in Spain

Morin Journal d’Espagne du Colonel Morin, Commandant le 5e Regiment de Dragons 1812 – 1813

Napier History of the war in the peninsula, and in the south of France, from the year 1807 to the year 1814

Napoleon Maxims of Napoleon

Neale The Spanish Campaign of 1808

Ney Memoirs of Marshal Ney

Rocca Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain

Savary Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo

Shipp Memoirs of the extraordinary military career of John Shipp, late a lieut. in His Majesty's 87th

Sidney Life of Lord Hill

Smith The Autobiography of Harry Smith

Stocqueler The Military Encyclopaedia: A Technical, Biographical and Historical Dictionary

Stothert A Narrative of the Principal Events of the Campaigns of 1809, 1810, & 1811

Suchet Memoirs of the War in Spain, from 1808 to 1814

Thomas Journal of a Soldier of the 71st Regiment

Wairy Memoirs of Constant

Westmorland Memoir of the Early Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and Spain

White Letters from Spain


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