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An Index to "Empires, Eagles, and Lions"

"Empires, Eagles, and Lions" began as a hobby magazine in the mid-1970s by a group of wargamers from New Jersey. Over the next two decades it grew into the premier magazine in English for Napoleonic scholars and enthusiasts. The first 118 issues were published by RAFM Company until the early 1990s, when the Emperor's Headquarters became its publisher. Jean Lochet was its editor during the almost 20 years it was published.

EEL had an amazing publication run of 131 issues before it ceased publication! In it, the reader could find articles by noted Napoleonic historians such as, George Nafziger, Peter Hofschroer, Philip Haythornthwaite, Gunther Rothenburg, and Paddy Griffith. In a way, EEL was the predecessor of the Napoleon Series, for many of our regulars, such as John Cook and Robert Mosher, also contributed articles.

This index covers the first 118 issues of "Empires, Eagles, and Lions."  It was compiled by Mark Cuomo who has given us permission to place it on the Napoleon Series.

Robert Burnham
The Napoleon Series


Placed on the Napoleon Series: June 2000


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