British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Dornberg, William de

By: Ron McGuigan


Dornberg, William de (Wilhelm von Dörnberg 14 April 1768- 19 March 1850)

Styled as William de Dornberg in British Service. Sometimes called Baron Dornberg. Some sources identify him as a Freiherr but not recorded as such in either  British or Hanoverian Service.

Served in army of Hesse Cassel during French Revolutionary Wars and then Prussia in 1806. In Westphalian Service as Colonel Guard Jaeger Battalion 1807. Entered British Service with temporary rank in 1809: Colonel Brunswick Oels Hussars 1809,  Major General 1812. In Hanoverian Service 1816 as Major General antedated to 1812, Lieutenant General 1818. Pensioned 1831.

Service: Led unsuccessful rebellion against King Jerome of Westphalia 1809. Volunteered with Russian Army 1812-1813, on staff North Germany 1813-1814 and commanded  Advance Guard at Göhrde and in Netherlands 1814-1815. Commanded 1st Cavalry Brigade KGL Netherlands 1815. Commanded 3rd Cavalry Brigade Flanders and France 1815 and at Waterloo and wounded Commanded 1st Cavalry Brigade Hanoverian Army from 1816. 

Honourary KCB 1815. KCH.  

Colonel Commandant Brunswick Oels Hussars 1809-1815. Colonel Commandant of 1st Light Dragoons KGL 1815.  Colonel of Guard Cuirassier Regiment Hanoverian Army 1816-1850

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