British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815

British Generals of the Napoleonic Wars  1793-1815
Eben, Frederick Baron 

By: Ron McGuigan


Eben, Frederick Baron (Christian Adolph Frederick Eben 1773? - 1825)

Styled as Frederick Baron Eben while in British and Portuguese Service.

Captain Prussian Service, entered British Service as  Captain York Hussars* 1801, Captain 10th Light Dragoons 1803, Captain 11th Foot 1806, Major in Froberg’s Levy+ 1806, Major in de Roll’s Regiment^ 1807, Lieutenant-Colonel in De Roll's Regiment^ 1811, Brevet Colonel 1814. Dismissed from the army 1817.

*disbanded 1802. + disbanded 1807.^disbanded 1816.

Served in Portuguese Service 1808-1817. Promoted Colonel 1808, Brigadier 1811.  Dismissed from the army 1817.

Portugal & Spain: With Lusitanian Legion Portugal 1808-1809.

Peninsular War: Commanded brigades of Portuguese Army 1809-1812. Served commanding in the militia in Province of Tras-os-Montes 1813.

Other Service: Involved in a conspiracy against the Portuguese Government in 1817 and exiled from Portugal. Brigadier General in service of the Republic of Columbia 1821-1822.

Extra Aide de Camp to the Prince Regent 1814.


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